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Kings Cross to be terminus for Google Space elevator

Google X-Labs are planning to to base the earth port of their new space elevator at their abandoned office site in Kings Cross.  A nano-carbon fibre line will run from behind the station to a counterweight in geo-stationary orbit 144,000 … Continue reading

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Google tax – will it threaten Kings Cross or will Google just offset against USA tax bill?

Google are slated to build a huge multi-£billion building in Kings Cross, in the main site next to the station.  Now the government is talking about taxing them – will this stop Gooogle going ahead, either literally if they can’t … Continue reading

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Google rethinks KX HQ design

Announcing that Google will delay moving into its new King’s Cross HQ from 2016 to 2017 to enable them to design a more ambitious building Joe Borrett, Head of Real Estate and Construction at Google, said in Tuesday’s Telegraph: “We … Continue reading

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Google KX HQ plans revealed

Architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) have submitted plans for the new Google HQ at King’s Cross to be sited immediately behind King’s Cross station between York Way, King’s Boulevard and Goodsway. Piling works have been taking place recently. More … Continue reading

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Hello Google!

I’m sure everyone has read the news that the long anticipated Google deal (to build a new UK HQ in King’s Cross)  has been made. Tax affairs aside, I am sure we all welcome such an exciting business to our … Continue reading

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KXCommunity map update

The latest update to the community map produced using Google by King’s Cross Community Projects includes green spaces. There is so little green space here, and most of what there is is tiny. The community map is a work in … Continue reading

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