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Does this picture confirm that TfL plans to dump North South cycle superhighway traffic into Euston Road and Kings Cross gyratory at Judd Street?

Now either I missed it the first time or it has quietly appeared but I have just found a graphic on the TFL consultation on the North South cycle superhighway which show that TfL’s intended endpoint for cycles is in fact … Continue reading

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North-South Cycle super highway Elephant to Kings Cross – the death of ‘smoothing traffic flow’?

You could be forgiven for missing that there is also a North-South cycle route being planned to complement the ‘Crossrail for cycles’ that the media was excited about yesterday.  It’s less developed than the E-W proposal and, disappointingly the Kings … Continue reading

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Unbelievable: New Private Community Block closes off key safe cycling route

The new built estate, Bloomsbury Gardens, has this week closed off, what has become over the last few years, a key safe passage cycling route of Kings Cross. The access way to the estate and for deliveries of Westminster Kingsway … Continue reading

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Get on Board, Little Children!

Unlike the song “Get on Board Little Children!” that train won’t take you to Zion, but it sure will take you to Stratford! Contrary to information you may have been given in the past, including like myself from South Eastern … Continue reading

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Why dig up a cordoned off road in a residential area at midnight? York Way and Copenhagen Street

Very noisy and disruptive late night road works in a residential area are unacceptable. This video from 11:45 Thursday night was sent in by resident Seth. It has to be heard to be believed: I might be wrong but it’s … Continue reading

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Traffic issues for proposed hotel 62-68 York Way

Traffic caused by the proposed new hotel has been raised with me a few times.  So I shot some video of the traffic situation on Wharfdale Road, just opposite where the proposed guest entrance will be for the Whitbread Hub … Continue reading

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Ferodo bridge….going, going

The Ferodo bridge is being repainted by Network Rail. Local councillors and Team Cally have worked with Network Rail to make sure the bridge retains a local identity and doesn’t just become a bland viaduct.  Cllr Paul Convery has been … Continue reading

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Camden consults residents on 20 Miles Speed limit

Camden is consulting residents on a new 20 miles zone across the borough. This obviously also affects Kings Cross.  The consultation also contains questions that Camden can address to TFL to propose changes on the red routes.  In my opinion … Continue reading

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