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It’s been a long time coming, but we know changes to the King’s Cross gyratory are gonna come

For many, many years local campaigners have doggedly pushed for the dangerous, dirty and unfriendly traffic gyratory system to be removed and replaced with quality public space and safer, healthier roads for all. Their impressive unfailing commitment to achieve a seemingly impossible dream … Continue reading

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Local Kings Cross memories from 7 July 2005

If local people would like to share their memories of the events ten years ago please do so in the comments below (or mail me and I’ll post them for you).  It seems to be popular online as an act … Continue reading

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CallySouth want Caledonian Road two way traffic system removed

Local residents group CallySouth organised a public meeting attended by 50 people at the Driver pub on Monday June 8. The meeting’s aim was to discuss ways to return traffic levels on Wharfdale Road to those that existed before the new … Continue reading

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Cally south two way traffic public meeting

Taken from In just over a week, local residents will have the opportunity to discuss the problems caused by the implementation of the two-way system on Caledonian Rd with one of our local councillors, Paul Convery, plus two representatives from Islington Council. … Continue reading

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Traffic backing up on Wharfdale Road and York Way – and news of a residents meeting

A local resident who lives with their family on Wharfdale Road has sent in these pictures of the traffic backed up at 1738, 0317 (in the morning) and 2040. The resident says it’s like this ‘day and night’, ‘we have … Continue reading

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Cally Road single yellow lines removal – does anyone know what is going on?

  Bad news for local traders on the bottom of the Cally Road as the council proposes taking away some of the the single yellow lines to be replaced by double yellows.  There are two single yellow sections – opposite … Continue reading

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Does this picture confirm that TfL plans to dump North South cycle superhighway traffic into Euston Road and Kings Cross gyratory at Judd Street?

Now either I missed it the first time or it has quietly appeared but I have just found a graphic on the TFL consultation on the North South cycle superhighway which show that TfL’s intended endpoint for cycles is in fact … Continue reading

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North-South Cycle super highway Elephant to Kings Cross – the death of ‘smoothing traffic flow’?

You could be forgiven for missing that there is also a North-South cycle route being planned to complement the ‘Crossrail for cycles’ that the media was excited about yesterday.  It’s less developed than the E-W proposal and, disappointingly the Kings … Continue reading

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