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Gyratory removal plans released for consultation!!!

Later today Transport for London will release the initial concept plan for removing the horrendous traffic gyratory system that has blighted lives for decades in King’s Cross. Caledonian Ward Councillor Paul Convery, who has supported this move, said, “We cannot … Continue reading

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Much needed road resurfacing at York Way Pentonville Road junction

   It should have been done years ago but finally new Tarmac is going down at this awful local junction. 

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Another street tree bites the dust

Sadly yet another tree has been broken off on York Way.  This one has been mainly sawed off at chest height and the top of the tree dumped in Railway Street.  Not clear what happened here whether it was a … Continue reading

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Transport for London lets us down again. Will the new Mayor make a difference?

First the ‘good’ news: The Chancellor’s November statement included an annual £700 million cuts to Transport for London (TfL). I quivered with fear thinking, that’s the dangerous gyratory redesign gone. But no! The £700 million annual cut is to the … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time coming, but we know changes to the King’s Cross gyratory are gonna come

For many, many years local campaigners have doggedly pushed for the dangerous, dirty and unfriendly traffic gyratory system to be removed and replaced with quality public space and safer, healthier roads for all. Their impressive unfailing commitment to achieve a seemingly impossible dream … Continue reading

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The exceedingly opaque Transport for London

Promises, promises. Promises to deliver safe roads, to remove the infamous King’s Cross gyratory system, to consult, to be transparent in decision making and improve external communication, that’s what we’ve had from Transport for London (TfL). Yet design of a preferred option … Continue reading

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CallySouth want Caledonian Road two way traffic system removed

Local residents group CallySouth organised a public meeting attended by 50 people at the Driver pub on Monday June 8. The meeting’s aim was to discuss ways to return traffic levels on Wharfdale Road to those that existed before the new … Continue reading

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King’s Cross traffic nightmares – what the Mayoral candidates need to know

After widely publicised accidents and growing understanding about the impact of poor air quality, 2011-12 saw a flurry of activity from Transport for London in a bid to address the many and varied shortcomings of the King’s Cross traffic gyratory … Continue reading

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