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Stop making our Postal Rail a tourist attraction and get back to it carrying mail!

The Royal Mail infrastructure of tunnels that connect East London Whitechapel with the Ventral London Mount Pleasant Postal Sorting Office and the West London Paddington Station and which was closed in 2003 will scandalously reopen in September 2017 as a … Continue reading

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CallySouth want Caledonian Road two way traffic system removed

Local residents group CallySouth organised a public meeting attended by 50 people at the Driver pub on Monday June 8. The meeting’s aim was to discuss ways to return traffic levels on Wharfdale Road to those that existed before the new … Continue reading

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Cally south two way traffic public meeting

Taken from In just over a week, local residents will have the opportunity to discuss the problems caused by the implementation of the two-way system on Caledonian Rd with one of our local councillors, Paul Convery, plus two representatives from Islington Council. … Continue reading

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Cemex in Kings Cross must be prosecuted @cemex_uk

Cemex a colossal Mexican concrete company bought UK conrete-ier Readymix and the knackered old concrete plant sandwiched between Randalls Road, Rufford Street and the railway.  They have a long history of incredibly noisy, in my view illegal behaviour.  We have … Continue reading

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How can canal users and canal side residents ‘live harmoniously and healthily together’?

  Kings Cross is a densely populated place. People from all walks of life live cheek by jowl. Occasionally frictions will arise due to this proximity and, over the years a body of rules has built up to enable harmonious … Continue reading

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Is Kings Cross station tannoy annoying you?

The tannoy from King's Cross station seems to have escaped beyond the platforms in recent days according to local resident Chris.  Has anyone else noticed platform announcements outside the station? Let us know in the comments and i'll see if … Continue reading

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The bells, the bells……….

Rufford street regularly echoes to the noise of bells, an alarm bell ringing loudly for thirty seconds.  At night,when all else is quiet the bell is audible inside houses.  Stuart Cottis has spent months tracking down who is responsible for … Continue reading

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Jungle no more – thanks Chris

AFTER Have been meaning to write for some time to thank Chris Demetriou and the ICSL folk for sorting out the horrible mess in front of the old garage on York Way.  Well done – now perhaps we can get … Continue reading

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