We seek redress on traffic and pollution at Kings Cross!

The case of Ella Kissi-Debrah shows clearly what impact air pollution has. It kills, and by not doing enough to keep us safe, it could be deemed to be manslaughter, corporate manslaughter, an infringement of our human rights!

The Kings Cross community has campaigned for decades on air pollution, noise and road-safety.

We frequently pointed out, that Kings Cross is no longer just a through-fare, if it ever was, but that Kings Cross South and North pof Pentonville and Euston Road, East and West of Gray’s Inn Road and Kings Cross Road, is a place where people live and work, and children grow up.

We demand from TFL, the Mayor of London, Camden Council and Islington Council that this is finally and once and for all recognised and that the issue of air-pollution is finally solved. We had for too long have to witness, how traffic on roads like Euston Road, Swinton Street, Acton Street, Pentonville Road and parts of Kings Cross Road and Gray’s Inn Road and Caledonian Road are exempt from having to adhere to the most stringent of rules on air-pollution.

Kings Cross was and continues to be one of the most polluted places in terms of air in London, and therefore in the UK and in Europe. Stop excluding it from seeing what we know for decades!

It is now for clean air, for yesterday was already too late!

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