After 50 years Kings Cross Roads about to become safer!

Kings Cross gyratory are about to become slower and safer!

Andrew Dismore, the Labour Assembly Member in London City Hall had asked a question to Mayor Sadiq Khan recently, if streets around the gyratory could be lowered to 20 Miles, given longstanding suggestions by local residents. These argued that the one way streets at Kings Cross, part of what is known as the Kings Cross Gyratory where too frequent providing space for quick thrill racing and speeding with excessive speeds. The area is highly populated with many residential blocks and huge amount of people walking and cycling around the often busy roads. School children, College and university students add to the mix. Soon there is also to be a Dementia Treatment Centre build.

Back in 2016 a consultation was made for road improvements at Kings Cross. Residents have been waiting for implementation since.

The point rose, after long standing local Kings Cross resident Daniel Zylbersztajn-Lewandowski posed that question, given that TFL and surrounding local councils had implemented many safety improvements in other areas during the lockdown in 2020, but omitted Kings Cross, which had been under discussion for improvements for a very long time. Kings Cross. In particular the area had passed consultation stage for TFL improvements in 2016. Daniel suggested, and local councillors in Islington and Camden agreed, that as a bare minimum, at least speeds should be reduced to 20 Miles on those one way roads, that make up the Kings Cross Gyratory.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan answered the question in City Hall as follows, on 2/11/2020

Transport for London (TfL) and I are committed to reducing road danger for all residents and visitors to London. TfL has a programme to lower the speed limit by 10mph on over 140km of TLRN over the next four years, subject to funding. This includes the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on A501 Pentonville Road, Penton Rise, Swinton Street and Grays Inn Road, which is consistent with the surrounding local road network in both Camden and Islington and will also support additional safety improvements around the Kings Cross area.”

As you will know, TfL is in discussions with Government over the funding support it needs following the impact of coronavirus on its finances. I hope that agreement can be reached soon so that vital projects such as these can restart.” (bold emphasis added)

Kings Cross residents hope that speeds will also be reduced on Acton Street, which was not specifically mentioned, but is part of the Gyratory and in fact connects Kings Cross Road and Grays Inn Road.

UPDATE 14/11/2020 Clr. Adam Harrison of Camden was assured by TFL that Acton and Swinton Street are in deed going to be slowed down as part if their Vison Zero road safety plan.

Soon no more that little speeding race track,like when this car crashed back 2017 on Acton Street

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2 Responses to After 50 years Kings Cross Roads about to become safer!

  1. Tony Rees says:

    That’s good news Daniel, well done. Unfortunately a 20mph limit is not a guarantee that idiots in high powered cars and motorcycles won’t stll use these roads as a race track as those of us who live at the bottom of Caledonian Road know, but it’s a start. We’ve been promised that the gyratory system is to be be done away with for years but I’m beginning to think it won’t in all likelyhood happen in our lifetimes.

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