Time for… Brand New Community Cafe / Centre opened on Pentonville Road

(c) dzx2.net


On your search for an Indie Cafe that truly supports the local community and can serve as a local hub for events of all sorts at Kings Cross, you may mostly not be lucky. Kings Cross has increasingly become contested territory.

Now a new cafe community-space is trying to fill the much-needed gap, trying to escape the “just for profit cause it is Kings Cross” tag.

Located at 116 Pentonville Road and running under the name, “Time for…”, the space is changing its guise several times a week. Tuesday to Thursday it is running as a Cafe in the daytime,  but at other times transforms into an Art Space, a Yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais Exercise Venue, a Theatre, a  Drawing Class, an Open Jam stage, or into a gallery.

Time for…   is owned by a charity and largely run and staffed by volunteers that are part of the local community, though there are charges for professional classes.


time for… Cafe, Studio and Gallery Space, part of open-source charity Minomics, 116 Pentonville Street, London







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