They’re stealing our sky again

Community based pressure groups always said allowing the eleven storey building heights at the south end of King’s Cross Railways Lands, now trademarked as King’s Cross, and the building height at King’s Place would result in further high buildings locally. Regent’s Wharf is the latest. Many thanks to Ian Shacklock and Friends of Regent’s Canal for alerting us to the extended deadline for comments on this planning application. You can now get your objections in by the end of February – please do this, it can make a huge difference.

Regent’s Wharf is a large block stretching from All Saint’s Street off The Cally to the Regent’s Canal.

The property developers want to add additional storeys and extend the basement. The planning application includes all the usual information. It’s always worth being very critical of planning application documents provided by property developers; whether text, drawings or artists impressions, they are designed to get the application through. It is only by pointing out what these documents miss, or what they overly spin that communities can stop bad designs or force changes to them.

A good example of this are the photo and artists impression comparing the existing building:

comparison-11 With what the building would look like if the planning application goes through:


Note that the top picture is darker than the bottom one and the shadows falling across the canal don’t change. This is done deliberately. It makes it look like the new floors won’t make a difference to the sunlight reaching the canal, towpath and buildings opposite. The subtle change in exposure used, with the bottom picture being lighter, makes you feel rather positive towards it, perhaps without you even realising. Yet this is pure spin. The loss of light to the canal and towpath will have an impact on our local wildlife and the buildings opposite will get less sunlight. I just can’t stand it when property developers treat people like idiots, yet they do this sort of thing all the time!

And there’s more, lots more to be questioned in this application. We are potentially walking into a Docklands situation. Local people are being priced out of living here whilst prestigious companies move massive workforces in. We lose free and affordable local amenities and gain being on the fringes, looking in at a lifestyle we are excluded from. Regent’s Wharf will only add to this slow destruction.

The planning process is still one of the few ways local democracy sometimes does good things. Please send your comments in. Have a look at the Friends of Regent’s Canal website to see more artists impressions. You can see all the planning documents on Islington Council’s website. Send your comments by email to planning officer Simon Greenwood at Even if you just write one line, you could be the one making the difference.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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  1. Thanks. I have submitted my approval in favour of this project.

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