Open Weekend at St Pancras Lock

St Pancras lockHead  to St Pancras Open Weekend on the 4 & 5 February where visitors will get the chance to learn more from heritage experts, engineers and volunteers about St Pancras Locks on the Regent’s Canal.  As part of the Open Weekend, on Saturday 4th February The Canal and River Trust will be holding a one off gig in the lock between 6-9pm. From King’s Cross, walk up York Way to the canal bridge, then walk along the towpath towards Camden (it’s signposted), you’ll hit St Pancras lock in a couple of minutes.

Works at St Pancras lockActivities over the weekend include:

  • Visitors will be able to walk in the drained lock chamber, seeing first hand the exceptional engineering work that helped construct the canal originally and talk to  experts about the essential restoration and repair work being carried out.
  • During the weekend, visitors will also be offered guided heritage walks from Granary Sqauare to Islington Tunnel. Local trip boat operator, Hidden Depths, will offer boat trips from outside the lock up to the London Canal Museum.
  • Visitors with a head for heights will also get the rare chance to go to the top of the St Pancras water tower. This was originally built to supply steam trains with water, the Grade II-listed tower was moved in sections by a huge crane to its current canalside location in November 2001.
  • Additionally there will be activities for children onboard the Jena, which will be moored at Granary Square.

On Saturday evening (Feb 4th), the Trust will host a one-off ‘gig in a lock’ – the first music event of its kind in the UK. International contemporary music composer and sonic artist, Kaffe Matthews, has composed music inspired by the sound of water as it passes through a lock, contrasting between the dramatic rush of water as the paddles are wound up, to the calm and serenity as the lock slowly refills. Kaffe will be performing the music at the bottom of the 14-ft-deep brick lock chamber, which provides a unique acoustic space.

The gig will be held in three sessions – 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Come along and join in the fun. It will be first come first served so turn up early to avoid disappointment.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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10 Responses to Open Weekend at St Pancras Lock

  1. Finally a post from you that is not charged with biased political bigotry. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks @stuart – we know where to come to if we ever need advice on political bigotry

  3. All I want to know is how to get to St. Pancras lock. Where is the entrance?

  4. CathyS says:

    as a new visitor to this site trying to find something to do with a family in Kings Cross this weekend, it is sad to see all this bickering. Perhaps it needs to be clearer to outsiders that this is a site where locals can pick each other to pieces rather than somewhere ‘working to make Kings Cross a better place to live work or study in’

    • Hi Cathy,

      We do occasionally post events, but we are not really that kind of website I’m afraid. You’d be better off looking at a Visit London site, or the corporate site of the King’s Cross property development company. We are largely a campaigning website, run by volunteers who live in the area. We all want to make King’s Cross a better place for all of the community.

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