Save the Kings Cross Pond – Sign here!

After a publicity stunt with a flashmob in cold water, the petition to save the swimming pond in Kings Cross is in full flow. The organiser, Imogen Radford, says she would like to reach the 5000 signature mark, before she hands the petition to Argent, the owner and developer of the land  and to Fusion, who run the pond.

There are but few signatures missing to the target (at the time of writing this about 300), so if you haven’t signed yet and support the idea of a natural water swimming pond in Kings Cross to stay, do make your cross here Petition to keep the Swimming Pond at Kings Cross!

To show my support for the campaign I add a picture of myself from one of the more colder days when I swam there and used the sauna ….2016-01-18-13-41-04




About Daniel Zylbersztajn

Daniel Zylbersztajn, is since 2012 correspondent to the German independent left of centre daily newspaper taz, die Tageszeitung and Jüdische Allgemeine, and a Pilates Teacher. Born in Germany but also raised in Holland and Israel, he is a long term resident of London Kings Cross (first in 1991), involved parent, local and social activist, and positive lifestyle advocate. He also held posts in research, and conflict work, a.o. for the Palestinian - Israeli peace village Wahat al Salam ~ Neve Shalom. He holds a BA in history and politics from SOAS and two Master degrees, in Urban Sociology (Goldsmiths) and Sports Coaching (Brunel). He is founding and committee member of Coram's Fields User Group, the parent and community voice of Central London's biggest and oldest children playground and was its first spokesperson and chair. Daniel tweets under @zylbersztajn
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One Response to Save the Kings Cross Pond – Sign here!

  1. Monique Jaminé says:

    I visited the Kings Cross area several times over the past few years and love what the developers have done to the area respecting/ honouring the human scale and atmosphere. It would be truly a shame and very sad to see the pond go, as it brought a sense of naturalness wich makes the area very attractive to visit, spend time in and therefore money…so I also see sound, sustainable and smart business being practiced in this way. 

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