Suez/SITA waste management keeps dumping skips on Randell’s Road


Senior management at Suez (formerly known as SITA) seem unable to control their own workers as they fail to stop rogue staff from using Randell’s Road as a waste transfer station.  Suez/SITA drivers have been repeatedly dumping their skips overnight on Randell’s Road then picking them up in the morning. A local resident says:

‘every night a lorry arrives on Randell’s Road and dumps a large SITA skip on the road in front of the tool hire place. Then at 3am or so another lorry picks it up. Both lorries make lots of noise with loud beeping and the skip hydraulic manoeuvre is very noisy. We can be woken in the night by the collecting lorry.’

When another resident challenged one of the drivers he was reportedly threatened with violence.  Residents have raised this with the Suez/SITA Chief Executive, David Palmer-Jones (@dpj_suezuk) on 12 June

‘My neighbours and I are irritated that every evening a lorry arrives in our street near King’s Cross Station in Randell’s Road and dumps a SITA skip. Then, at about 3am or 4am another lorry picks it up. (The location where the skip is dumped is outside Tool Hire Express, 67 Randells Road, London, N1 0DH.) ‘

A prompt phone call from SITA/SUEZ suggested that ‘They are meant to take the empty thing to Barking. It is a contract with Network Rail.’ but on 15 June residents wrote back to Suez/SITA that the skips were still being dumped.  David Palmer-Jones has delegated it to a colleague Trevor, who writes on 15 June:

Many apologies that this practice has not ceased.

I have instructed the branch manager at Barking to get the drivers to sign a form stating that if this happens again it will result in a disciplinary process.

Could you forward me the picture of the registration that you had and the date so that I can follow up the threatening behaviour that you mentioned.

If you have any more issues please let me know,

Yet on 16 June, the SUEZ/SITA drivers have this evening dumped another skip – the lorry with the white cab in the photo.  In my opinion making this sort of noise at night that disturbs residents when carrying on a business is a statutory nuisance and therefore a crime upon which the council can act.  It is also my opinion that this is a form of fly tipping as the skip is not a road vehicle and it is being abandoned.  The best remedy for the council would be to prevent the skip being collected (a simple bicycle shackle lock on the lifting mechanism) and then scrap it.  Or just not invite Suez to tender the next time a waste contract comes up.

About William Perrin

Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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