Kings Cross Spring Loop

The Eighth Kings Cross Walk is on Sunday 22nd May, taking a circular route around this  rapidly changing area, finding out what’s new; sharing information and finishing with a drink (and food) in The Harrison.

Gas Holder Number 8

We will walk up the hill to Amwell Street and Chapel Market before dropping down to the Regent’s Canal which we will follow to Granary Square and the nature reserve at Camley Street and return along King’s Boulevard

Lubetkin Staircase

The walk begins from the outdoor gym in Argyle Square at 11am the site of London’s first and only monorail and we will also take in the place where elephants were once unloaded for the Kings Cross circus, the inventor of the tea break; Lenin’s Kings Cross house; the March of the Bricks and Mortar; one of London’s most surprising nature reserves,

Old St Pancras Tree

Please feel free to invite friends. Please call me Tobias on 0771 8080956 if you have any questions or want to ensure that we wait for you.We should finish the walk at about 1.30 (ish). Its a fascinating little sociable local urban walk with a bit of magical greenery and water in the middle of it.

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