New Boris Bike docks coming to Birkenhead Street Kings Cross


A new Boris Bike docking station is being installed in Birkenhead Street – which will be handy for Kings Cross commuters heading South.  The excellent Ian Visits site alerts me to the existence of a Boris Bike repair depot in Kings Cross that i had missed – this this under the storage building? This reminds me to catch up on where the plans for the local routing of the cycle superhighway have got to.  And it turns out that TfL is still  in  a muddle about that.

‘A separate consultation will be held in early 2016 about the extension of the North-South Cycle Superhighway from Stonecutter Street, near Holborn Viaduct, to King’s Cross.’

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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3 Responses to New Boris Bike docks coming to Birkenhead Street Kings Cross

  1. And at Cromer Street South Kings Cross too!!!

  2. First of all, please do not call them Boris bikes, they were an idea of the Greens, like all the best ideas to come out of City Hall, Boris just basked in the borrowed glory of the ideas of his predecessors, he has done nothing spectacular on his own – except steal public housing projects to turn them into luxury flats for foreign millionaires. Secondly, there was no consultation whatsoever when the 46 and 214 bus stop outside St. Pancras Hospital was removed to make room for a bike lane that cannot be used as there is a traffic light next to it for which a bike would have to come off the lane. The hospital is in even greater use now that the Kings Cross surgery has relocated there and it is great fun to have to trudge from the nearest bus stop and then deep in the hospital grounds in the pouring rain.

  3. It looks like there’s one going in at the Euston Rd end of Ossulton St, just up from the Novotel as well. I saw the works in a very similar state to the ones in your photo when I rode past tonight.

    As for calling them Boris Bikes, well, who can resist the alliteration? Jenny’s Jalopys might work, but seems a little unfair!

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