Another tree killed on towpath

imageLast year two trees were killed on the Regent’s Canal towpath by vandals. The first at Thornhill Bridge Community Gardens and the second behind Copenhagen School. The Copenhagen School tree was replaced in May by a semi mature cherry tree that would have been filled with blossom next spring. On Friday or early Saturday last week the tree was left to slowly die after the bark on its trunk was ringed.

Semi mature trees come at some expense, so local people were grateful to the national charity the Canal and Rivers Trust, who are responsible for the canal and the towpath, for the new cherry tree. One resident’s young son had enjoyed watering the tree to help it bed in.

It could be that someone with a grudge towards local tree planting has taken this action. It’s certainly someone that knows how to kill a tree and maybe someone that knew the cctv for that spot had recently been removed.

imageA Canal & River Trust spokesperson, said: “Why anyone would want to do this to the tree is beyond us. Trees are vital to our environment and on the Regent’s Canal they are so important to ensuring the waterway remains a green artery going through the centre of the city. It takes time and money to deal with damage like this, and when it appears to be caused by conscious vandalism, it is even more frustrating.”

if you do see anyone harming the trees on the towpath please let the Canal and Rivers Trust know.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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1 Response to Another tree killed on towpath

  1. Oh how sad! I’m so sorry to see this. I wonder if there’s a chance this was a squirrel rather than a malicious human?

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