American Carwash and Transeuropean autos site

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The American Carwash from the corner of York Way and Wharfdale Road moved up to the old Transeuropean Autos site at 176-178 York Way.  The fences are festooned with their banners and cars queue along the public highway.  Local resident Stuart Cottis and I both complained to the council – it’s the wrong place to have cars backing up and this prominent site has a long history of not really adding to the public realm – an application to turn it into a major Travis Perkins came to nothing.  The site appears to be in multiple uses as the photos show – car parking, car washing, warehousing, tool hire.

It seems they didn’t get planning permission – Cllr Convery has passed on the following from the council’s planning department:

The land in question was a former petrol station but it was subsequently used for the display, sale, storage and repair of vehicles. During his site visit, the case officer noticed that there were now three uses now taking place at the site – a car park, a car wash, and a car hire business. We consider that there has been a material change of use and planning records indicate there is no planning permission for this.

We do not consider that there is an objection in principle to the car hire business, subject to planning approval. However, we consider that the use of the site as a car wash and car park encourages non-essential vehicle journeys and adds to traffic congestion by encouraging vehicle movements in the area, which is contrary to the London Plan and a number of Islington Council planning policies.

A warning letter has been dispatched requesting that the use of both the car park and car wash to cease by 12 May 2015, and giving the operating company the opportunity to apply for planning consent to retain the car hire offices, if it so chooses.

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