Cally Pool Gym and reception refurbishment – couple of days left to give views

cally pool receptionA couple of days left to have your say on the proposed refurbishment of the gym and reception at the Cally Pool.  I can’t find any more information online other than:



‘Here are some of the improvements you will be able to enjoy

State-of-the-art gym equipment
Reception foyer refurbishment
And much, much more…’

But i guess it’s a chance for you to say at least what sort of equipment you would like in the gym.  If I can find something will post it up but thought it best to alert people (click the link above to go to the comment form).   The changing rooms were refurbished at the end of last year.  Thanks to Cllr Paul Convery for the tip off.

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3 Responses to Cally Pool Gym and reception refurbishment – couple of days left to give views

  1. I use the Cally Pool regularly, as it is very handy for me, and am slightly disappointed with the recent refurbishment of the dressing room area, because it is so designed as to allow non-swimmers (such as parents) easy access to the pool without putting on plastic overshoes. The showers need to be improved, especially the ones next to the pool, so they have proper nozzles, and there should be a warning to non-swimmers to wear overshoes.

  2. Cabe says:

    This came up at the Cally Ward meeting a few weeks ago – it sounded like they were planning to both modernise and expand the gym, that being the ‘table stakes’ for what people expect from a health centre these days. Given the finite space, that means a smaller foyer, which at least one person at the ward meeting was disappointed by. But having more machines in seems like it would bring in more revenue (and more happy neighbours and community use) which seems to tip the tradeoff.

  3. Seriously, they need to flatten the place and rebuild it into a larger more relevant centre, or at least build another storey with a much larger gym. I am disappointed at the offerings from Islington in the area and have to use the new Camden 5 St Pancras Sq gym, which in itself is too small and overcrowded already. I have just noticed the other gym in the area Anytime Fitness so might go for the free trial to check it out.

    I’m hoping there will be another gym in the area when everything is completed to cater for the bugeoning new population; unless the gentry and noveau riche, who are the only ones who can afford to live here now, don’t already have their own private gyms in their blocks lol

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