Negotiations are the next step: Sidmouth Street / Heathcroft Street Cycle Closure Update

I have received an update from councillor Sarah Hayward on the matter reported here’s hope they can remove the gate to allow for easy through cycling.  It can’t be that hard to implement this with an interest to sooth community relations.Here is Camdens full responseDear Mr Zylbersztajn,
Thank you for your recent email about the apparent closure of an access road to the
Westminster Kingsway College and the Bloomsbury Estate.
Senior Council officers have looked into this and have advised me that t he estate
road between Heathcote Street and Sidmouth Street is a private road and was not
formerly a right of way. Paragraph 6.52 of the report on  the planning application
states the following: ”The proposed north-south link road is consistent with advice in
the Planning Brief for the site. This would provide a through route for  pedestrians at
all times (secured by legal agreement), but not for vehicles. An exception to this
would be service vehicles that would approach the service yard from Sidmouth St
and exit from Heathcote St. Lockable bollards are proposed to prevent through
vehicles, however details of measures to discourage are reserved by condition “
Although cycles are not explicitly referred to above, the intention was that cyclists
would be able to pass through the bollards, but motorised vehicles would not. In the
event, lockable bollards were not installed  and moveable hinged barriers were
installed instead. This enabled access for vehicles for residents in the estate
(including disabled users) and service vehicles.
As shown in a photo in your article, new metal fences have recently been installed.
Barring pedestrian access represents a breach of the Section 106 condition for
which formal action could be taken. However, the initial step with all breaches is
negotiation to try and address the situation without taking formal action; this is the
approach that senior officers at the Council are now taking.
In this enforcement investigation we will negotiate with the owners of the site for an
improved access for pedestrians and cyclists, recognising that this ha s become an
informal cycle link, and also that it makes it difficult for residents in the estate to pass
their cycles through the barriers.  
I hope this information is helpful to you; if you have any further questions do let me
Yours sincerely,  
Councillor Sarah Hayward
Leader of Council (Camden LBC)

About Daniel Zylbersztajn

Daniel Zylbersztajn, is since 2012 correspondent to the German independent left of centre daily newspaper taz, die Tageszeitung and Jüdische Allgemeine, and a Pilates Teacher. Born in Germany but also raised in Holland and Israel, he is a long term resident of London Kings Cross (first in 1991), involved parent, local and social activist, and positive lifestyle advocate. He also held posts in research, and conflict work, a.o. for the Palestinian - Israeli peace village Wahat al Salam ~ Neve Shalom. He holds a BA in history and politics from SOAS and two Master degrees, in Urban Sociology (Goldsmiths) and Sports Coaching (Brunel). He is founding and committee member of Coram's Fields User Group, the parent and community voice of Central London's biggest and oldest children playground and was its first spokesperson and chair. Daniel tweets under @zylbersztajn
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One Response to Negotiations are the next step: Sidmouth Street / Heathcroft Street Cycle Closure Update

  1. Rob Smith says:

    Well done for raising the issue then Daniel

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