Pancras Square Leisure Centre freebie blunder

Camden Council LogoThe new Pancras Square Leisure Centre opens on 19 July and the run up is being advertised locally with flyers being delivered to nearby Camden and Islington homes. The flyer offers a free swim which can be booked online and the opportunity to win a three month membership, also online. Great, good stuff!

But read carefully Islington residents (yes, you who live just a few hundred yards from the new leisure centre), the small print for the prize draw which can only be read online states:

“Prize draw is open to London Borough of Camden Residents only”

Does this set the tone for the future we wonder? Islington residents who have suffered the worst inconvenience during years of construction at King’s Cross Central miss out on the benefits because they live on the wrong side of the tracks…

(Islington residents live on the wrong side of tracks that run underground and have never been a physical barrier… Camden residents live on the wrong side of tracks that run overground and have always been a physical barrier. Well done all involved in creating a new divide between communities.)

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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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9 Responses to Pancras Square Leisure Centre freebie blunder

  1. Andrew says:

    I have just entered, despite being Islington resident. I think we should encourage as many King’s Cross Islington residents to apply – I am going to email a bunch now 🙂

  2. No leaflets as usual have arrived so far in South Eastern KX corner (LBC Camden, the borough that entertains the centre). Hello we are actually Kings Cross! I hope the hygiene standards will be strongly monitored and be the best known to any local pool and gym. A visit to the Better (the company that also runs St. Pancras) run gym in Archway two weeks ago, showed that one below standard (filth on floor in shower and clothing area), although the centre staff argued that there will soon be a cleaning company in charge of the cleanliness . That the pool is only 25 meters has already been critiqued by me, and must not be repeated, except that had they introduced a 50 m pool, Camden would have build itself one of the most popular pools in London, and a and an above guaranteed income due to this.

  3. Well, I live in Camden (across the street from Islington) and suffered just as badly. In fact, the worst sufferers were people who lived quite a way away from the works because all the dust and debris was blown in their direction (people living in Camden Square). If Islington residents are not eligible it is because Islington refused to contribute. Just as Islington is responsible for the disgraceful situation at the lower end of Pentonville Road where construction and scaffolding blocks the road to pedestrians and has done so for TWO YEARS!

  4. Diana Shelley says:

    A lot of people suffered (and still suffer–KXCentral is still being built) and those with time to speak to people in all the surrounding areas might be able to create a league table. Those of us north east of the site, in Islington, certainly had our share of construction dust borne on the prevailing south-west winds. On the issue of use of facilities, Cally Rail Group’s (and no doubt others) objection to the planning application, in November 2005, included a demand for a condition to be made that: ‘The proposed facilities, which are all in Camden, should be accessible on the same terms and costs to people from Islington’. Still waiting for an answer!
    Those readers who went through the long years of that hideous planning process may agree with my experience that the developers, and indeed Camden planning officers, never paid the slightest attention to any suggestions, let alone objections, made by anyone who lived or worked locally. Islington (officers and members) was better but had little say in what Camden, where most of the site is, did. (Bit confused about where in Pentonville Rd Josephine means? The Lighthouse block has been a mess for ages, but it’s in Camden).

  5. Mark PInkerton says:

    we’ve not had brochures and we can see the centre from our building on York Way. Do you have the link to apply?

  6. Danielle says:

    I am an Islington resident, living a couple of minutes walk from the centre and I find it shocking that the terms and conditions are different based on which borough your street is in. I am especially annoyed as I actually lived in Camden until recently, for 6 years, although in Bloomsbury ie 30 minutes away. Now that I live a 3 minute walk from the square, I cannot access it at the Camden rates.

    I’ve been really excited about the gym and planned to join straight away. Out of protest I am considering joining a gym next to my office just 10 minutes away from Pancras Leisure Centre instead.
    And I am not alone – some of my friends and coworkers have said the same.

  7. Andrew says:

    I am very frustrated with Better Leisure now they have updated their site with their rates. As Islington resident, I pay 51.5 per month, and can now upgrade to all UK centres for 54 per month. But this explicitly excludes Pancras Square Leisure. What sort of contract have Camden and Islington negotiated here? I have suffered using the underinvested facilities in Cally Pool, and now a new facility is opening closer to me (Pancras Leisure) I have to pay 70 per month to get access (as out of borough).

  8. Albert Beale says:

    From: Albert Beale, 5 Cally Road (living in Camden, working in Islington)

    Besides the unfairness depending on which side of the line you live on, I’m also very alarmed by the free swim and free membership offers “online” – by implication _only_ online?? If so, that’s as bad as Kings Place, who charge you extra if you’re too poor to have a computer and a credit card.

    Given that those living on this immediate patch must have almost as small a proportion of people with both credit cards and computers as practically anywhere in central London, then that would seem to show how much those running the new facility care for the actual locals – whichever side of the line they live on…


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