Street tree damage

The majority of street trees in the north east section of King’s Cross are there because of the endeavors of one man, John Ashwell. John fundraised for the trees and liaised with Islington Council’s tree team to survey planting pits, procure, plant and maintain them. This week John is once again coming to rescue. He has provided a list of damaged trees to Islington Council with a request that action be taken.

John has asked that:

Railway Street tree right side at junction with York Way

Railway Street tree right side at junction with York Way

♦ Trees damaged by scaffolding on Railway Street should be replaced with semi mature specimens of the Liquidambar species and a full watering programme implemented during the summer months until the new trees are established.

♦ Remaining trees on Railway Street need to be professionally pruned.

Wharfdale tree by bus stop

Wharfdale tree by bus stop

♦ A tree that was enshrouded in scaffold for well over two years on Wharfdale Road is now largely dead – this is the first season coming into leaf since the scaffold was removed.  The property developer should pay for a semi mature replacement with full watering cycle till it is established.  These were the second batch of trees that John raised the money for and so have been gracing the street for over 10 years. It is wholly unacceptable that contractors should be allowed to damage street trees – especially when they have been funded by local residents.

♦ The tree adjacent to the Wharfdale Road bus stop now only one side branch remaining alive so is definitely in need of replacement.

The urban tree canopy enhances city life in so many ways. It cleans the air we breathe, gives us calming tree lined vistas and forms part of a fragile ecological system for urban wildlife that is battling against destruction by developers (for example loss of natural set planting on the canal towpath) and destructive residents feeling views from their individual windows are more important than our threatened shared green resource.

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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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3 Responses to Street tree damage

  1. Here in Kings Cross Road, one of the few trees on the street (on the right hand side going south from the fork with Pentonville Road just before the road does a right-hand turn at the junction with Percy Circus, Acton Street, etc.) was cut down by someone who stole the bike that was chained to it! That is the type of vandal who inhabits Kings Cross! We desperately need more trees in Kings Cross Road, especially up this end, near the Thameslink station.

  2. Andrew says:

    I think the work John has been leading have transformed the streets of King’s Cross. Walking from York Way in the summer with all the trees with leaves out is a very pleasant sight. I have also noticed the damage caused on Wharfdale Road, Railway Street and York Way from the scaffold, and agree that the costs should be borne by the developer.

    Another pet peeve of mine is the footpath quality, which deteriorates whenever development work is undertaken. Are they going to fix this also? Wharfdale Road (uneven surface), Railway Street (uneven surface) and York Way (uneven surface and incomplete kerbs) need serious work to reinstate them to at least the previous quality.

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