Help Bob Stuckey create a plaque to commemorate George IV – the ‘King’ in Kings Cross

George IV wall plaqueLocal Bob Stuckey has got in touch with a lovely proposal to raise funds for plaque to put the King back into Kings Cross – Bob writes:

‘During his lifetime as Prince of Wales, Prince Regent and King George IV seedy Battlebridge was not a place the aristocracy liked to promenade. He only became linked with with the area as his death approached in June 1830 as a gigantic statue was planned at the centre of the crossroads. This was to uplift the area as part of a grand entertainment complex, the Panarmonium. Henceforth the area was to be known as King’s Cross. The placing of the central statue can be seen in this map of 1830. The statue was demolished in 1845 to ease the flow of traffic.

‘Despite the Regents Canal being a short walk away, and despite the imposing presence of Regency architecture throughout London, the association between King’s Cross and the king is nowhere celebrated. To strengthen this link a plaque has been designed to the same dimensions as that celebrating the architect Lewis Cubbit, placed on the west side of the station facade. The blue background of Wedgewood pottery is used, so much in fashion at the time. It will turn out similar to the plaque celebrating George III’s physician.

‘To make such a plaque costs £581.40 inc VAT which will be raised by contribution, which can be as low as £1. You will only be asked to honour your contribution when a suitable place for the plaque has been agreed. Please email your interest and commitment to contribute please use the form below or mail Bob on



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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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5 Responses to Help Bob Stuckey create a plaque to commemorate George IV – the ‘King’ in Kings Cross

  1. “The statue was demolished in 1845 to ease the flow of traffic.” At the moment, instead of a statue to King George IV, there is the hideous and decaying Lighthouse Building, which thanks to a combination of English Heritage and Balfour Beatty remained undeveloped for years and has now been covered in scaffolding and sheeting which the “developers” (or rather “undevelopers”) have been allowed to leave virtually untouched for two years. This would not be such a nuisance but, both on that side of the Pentonville Road and the other side (the Midland Bank “redevelopment”) the scaffolding, etc. hampers the movement of pedestrians on this busy road. In the former case, BB have been allowed to close the pavement for two years! If the Lighthouse Building were demolished to ease traffic congestion and the statue re-erected, I would be all in favour, but at present I see no reason to donate hard-earned cash to this project. If anyone should be donating, it should be Balfour Beatty who have been allowed to blight the neighbourhood even further with their inaction. Meanwhile the new concourse at Kings Cross Station remains unfinished and workmen are yet again digging up sections of the pavement. It was supposed to be completed last August.

  2. Lynne says:

    I don’t see how your points are related to the the idea of the plaque. As a local resident, interested in the history of the area, I’ll be happy to make a donation towards a project that will remind people of how it acquired its name (despite being a republican…)

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  4. I was intrigued at the mention of this Panharmonium, and found this website describing the area in detail. Others may be interested:

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