Redevelopment of Belgrove House

Local resident and activist Richenda writes:

Site of Belgrove House

Belgrove House is the low red-brick building currently housing Access Storage, the King’s Cross post office and so on. It sits opposite King’s Cross Station forming the south end of King’s Cross square, and at the rear forms the north side of Argyle Square .  

Following an exhibition at Lumen 3 weeks ago the developers have put all the information on a website:

The website has no proposals.  It only contains contextual information about the area which according to the developers is “underwhelming and incomplete” in comparison with the north side of Euston Road.   So far they are not saying anything about what they want to put on the site.  We met with a representative of the owners a few years ago and he was not so coy, stating clearly that they want a tall building.

The developers see this site as primarily part of Euston Road.  We don’t share that vision, we see this site as forming  the south side of what is now King’s Cross Square and, just as important locally,  the north side of Argyle Square, a Bloomsbury garden square – neither of which would benefit from a tall building.

For architects the owners are using Farrells.  Sir Terry Farrell is fond of directing people’s attention to “the space between buildings”. We agree that this space is important but for this particular location our attention is focussed very much on the space above buildings.   The attached press release (from June 2012 but still relevant) details our arguments against tall buildings opposite our two, much loved, Grade 1 listed stations.

It’s important that we in the community, again, voice our opposition to tall buildings on our bit of Euston Road.  Please write to and let them have your views, especially about height.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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