Waitrose and new events space in old potato store

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Plans for the old potato depot by York Way are up for approval – I have lost track of the complexities of the planning process for some of these buildings – can any local planning experts let us know in the comments if local people can contribute to the Camden planning process?  Perhaps we’ll get a visit from Heston, or Delia?

‘New designs have been revealed for the historic Midland Goods Shed and East Handyside Canopy in King’s Cross. Leading firm of architects, Bennetts Associates, has developed proposals that will see the two structures sensitively restored and converted into a new Waitrose supermarket and cookery school, as well as a separate events and cultural space.’

Built in 1850, the Midland Goods Shed started life as a temporary passenger terminal, used while today’s King’s Cross station was being built. Queen Victoria departed from here on her way to Scotland in 1851. After the completion of King’s Cross station, the building was used for handling and storing goods that were brought into King’s Cross from across the country. The East Handyside Canopy was added in 1888 to provide a covered space for the transfer of potatoes and other perishable goods from rail to horse and cart.

Here for more A link to the planning documents on the Camden site would be handy if anyone can turn it up. Image http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Tahir_mq

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4 Responses to Waitrose and new events space in old potato store

  1. Robert Milne says:

    The documents for the planning application are at http://bit.ly/1hnWibS. Usually the urban design report is the most informative part of an application..
    To contribute to the planning process, people can comment on applications directly or (for King’s Cross Central) work through the King’s Cross Development Forum, at http://kxdf.wordpress.com..

  2. Diana Shelley says:

    Anyone can comment on/object to planning applications anywhere, though obviously it carries more weight if you’re directly affected, as anyone the Islington side of York Way is by a development just the Camden side. Anyone can also sign up to Camden’s email notification of planning applications service, which you do by ward, in this case St Pancras and Somers Town. Sorry, I can’t lay my hands on the contact to do that, but should be quick enough thru the Camden website. Of course, as we know from campaigns like getting the bridge over King’s Cross tracks restored and the 27 storey building at the top of York Way, Camden councillors don’t pay much mind to Islington voters… Good luck!

  3. Robert Milne says:

    The Camden notification service can cover smaller areas than wards. You can be notified about planning applications (and licensing applications, street works and parking bay suspensions) for parts of Camden within a radius that you choose of an address that you name. You can register at https://forms.camden.gov.uk/cus/servlet/auth.Login?auth=0&st=INTER&ask=yes.

  4. Also bear in mind that the fundamentals of this planning application have already been agreed by the “outline” planning permission granted in December 2006. The overall size of any new structures or their use is therefore already determined. What has now been submitted are known as “details pursuant” to the outline planning permission. Nonetheless, the aesthetics of the design or the faithfulness of maintaining historic fabric are perfectly valid points to raise.

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