King’s Cross rebranding – we have a winner!

Thankyou to everyone who took part in our tongue in cheek competition.

Congratulations to Lynne who not only rebranded the area the London Borough of Battlebridge but also proposed a Passport to Pimlico style bid for independence from LBs Camden and Islington.

Entries to the competition are now closed, feel free to keep suggestions coming in even tho there’s no prize at stake now…

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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3 Responses to King’s Cross rebranding – we have a winner!

  1. Albert Beale says:

    From: Albert Beale, c/o 5 Cally Road

    I do like the Passport to Pimlico angle – a great old film. And remember that part of the story line had the stroppy locals down in an underground tunnel trying to check passports on a District Line train. Given the warren of underground tunnels under Kings Cross, there’s a lot of scope there…


  2. I just wanted to add Battlebridge Bailiwick…

    Congratulations Lynn.. See you at the Borough of Battlebridge Rotunda on Battlebridge Basin!
    Hear hear Albert, let us form a temporary autonomous zone like the Isle of Dogs c.1970!


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