Kings Cross Village anyone? re-branding suggestions for KX please….

kings cross oldWe’re picking up reports of spurious local descriptors from estate agents – Wharfdale Road is in Bloomsbury apparently – so we thought we’d have some fun of our own with some candidates for a re-branded Kings Cross, rather than leave it to Foxtons.  With all the N1C stuff (and good luck to them) we wondered how you could rebrand old Kings Cross – you know where we mean, the bits largely East of York Way, North and South of Euston/Pentonville Road.

What on earth would you call a re-branded Kings Cross? We’ve put on the red glasses, stroked our beards, held no focus groups and brainstormed with a Post It wall using the best agile methods to come up with this list for your amusement, pleasure and delectation, drawing upon the rich history of idiosyncratic, lewd or metonymic British place names reflecting past and future uses. We’d love your suggestions to add to the following:

Kings Cross Village
West Barnsbury  West
North Bloomsbury
Kings Cross Shire
Kings Crosse
Battlebridge on Fleet
Google Town
Little Caledonia
KoHo (Trademark applied for)

Let us know favourites or suggestions in the comments or by email or on twitter or The Facebook – then we may have a vote.  There might be a prize for the best suggestions [update we now have a prize of £50 drinks at Rotunda Kings Place]. And NO it isn’t serious….

About William Perrin

Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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18 Responses to Kings Cross Village anyone? re-branding suggestions for KX please….

  1. Battlebridge
    Twin Clocks
    London International
    St. Pancreas
    Deep Fleet

  2. Lynne says:

    Battlebridge, obviously. It’s the proper name for the area. I think us locals should just start to use it, and keep on using it until it catches on. And if it doesn’t catch on, then at least we have a way of distinguishing ourselves from outsiders. I would personally like the station to be renamed as well. I also think that we should ditch Islington and Camden, and form a new London Borough of Battlebridge. We can include the N1C area as I like the fountains, and it means that a newly-built Town Hall will be ours. And Waitrose.

  3. I totally agree with Lynne. We live in Kings Cross Road which is variously described as being in Kings Cross, St. Pancras or – estate agent speak – Bloomsbury! Battlebridge is the historic name for the area. As for the new bit, why not call it Boudicca City?

  4. Claire_M says:

    East Pooterstown

  5. Sophie Talbot says:

    Facebook comments so far:

    Tobias says: The bit around Britannia Street and Smithy’s Wine Bar is definitely Cobbletown

    Lindsay says: North London South. East End West. Islington Borders. Lower N1.

  6. Over on good old email: from Sasha


    These are brilliant.

    I’m all for Kings Cross on Fleet and Boudicaville. That way I can be the Queen of my manner. 🙂

  7. Also: from Siobhan on Facebook
    ‘Regent Crossway’ – nice feel of a shopping centre about that one, with an extra big Argos as the anchor tenant

    and from Sam on Facebook:
    ‘Perrinville’ – which i am not happy about

  8. Good ones from Maggie by email:
    >Rich in history, indeed: King’s Cross station is on the site of an old smallpox hospital, and the neighbourhood was famous for its sex workers.

    What about Poxville? Kings Poxville? Poxton (a name for Foxton to treasure)? Kings Spot?

  9. and more from Sasha on email – quite like Valley of the King’s – the apostrophe makes it:

    >Here are my contributions:-

    Argentville or Argentinium (because they are redeveloping the area).
    Construction Town
    Queens N1C (this so New York, imagine saying this in Jersey accent).
    Downtown King’s Cross
    Upcycled Town
    Louisville (because Louis Vuitton are moving in soon).
    Pucker Town (because Jamie Oliver is moving in soon).
    Wind Trap Valley (because it’s like living in the middle of a cyclone at times!!)
    Valley of the King’s
    King’s Cross New Town
    Savills Row (because Savills the property people are moving in).

    Eat your heart out Foxton’s!!

  10. here’s more – (i should explain that from our early days in 2006 an RSS-driven email list has been a really important form of distribution – we in fact have several slightly older subscribers who, from their correspondence with me have absolutely no idea that there is a website)
    Charles on email :
    Kings Cross Central
    KXCentral (KXC)
    Kings Cross Queens Happy

  11. Clare Hill says:

    Queen’s Socks
    En Onesie (see what I did there)

  12. Clare Hill says:

    Spank is what I’ve been calling St Pancras for quite a while

  13. Albert Beale says:

    From: Albert Beale, 5 Cally Road

    As some of you might expect [if you remember my rants on this site back in October 2010], my suggestion is “Not the Regent’s Quarter”…

  14. In pretentious estate agent parlance, with the Eurostar flavour, how about Croix du Roi?

  15. And from Paul by email comes, of course in our Games of Thrones obsessed times:

    Kings Landing

    winter is leaving fortunately. then if we go down that route we can start assigning local personages to GoT characters – Tyrion, Sersei, Jon Snow anyone

  16. Frogmella says:


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