Local charity run street tree maintenance day

King's Cross Community Projects street tree maintenance day January 2014Environment and arts charity King’s Cross Community Projects ran their first street tree maintenance day on Sunday 19 January where they were joined by volunteers from the local community. They covered the north east quarter of King’s Cross.

The staff at locally based international asset management company E C Harris were thanked for their donation part of which was used to buy tools for the day.

It was a hugely successful day and they were surprised at how much work they were able to do – many hands made light work. Sophie Talbot, voluntary manager of the charity said,

“It was a great team atmosphere, I don’t think any of us will look at street trees the same way again.”

Plans are afoot for a spring tree pit planting day and the group will once again work closely with the award winning tree team at Islington Council who they thanked in a short film they’ve produced about the day. We’ll report on volunteering opportunities with King’s Cross Community Projects shortly, updates are also available on their Facebook page and via their Twitter account.

Below is a short film telling the story of the day (if you can’t see the film below, click this link to see it on YouTube).

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. http://www.cookiewp.com She also manages King's Cross Community Projects http://www.kccp.org.uk
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3 Responses to Local charity run street tree maintenance day

  1. That looks like Killick Street they are cleaning up, richly deserved, people throw all kinds of rubbish into the basements of the houses along there, I have even seen dirty nappies balanced on the chicken wire that residents use to protect themselves! Well done!

    • Sophie Talbot says:

      It was indeed Killick Street! So sorry to hear about the rubbish… worth reporting using this fab site set up by local folk now used nationally for all sorts of local issues: htpp://www.fixmystreet.com

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