London’s coolest chain gang?

A Kings Cross resident and dad, together with dads from Primrose Hill, Kentish Town and Bloomsbury has started what might become one of London’s coolest chain gangs, fitted not only with a tool-set as much as with nappy bags and school books.

20131010_101543_5The group by the name of Cicleparents functions like any other ordinary cycle club, but with the subtle difference that all members are mums and dads from Islington and Camden.   There are also activities for young children and family meetups as far as Brighton planned for this year (one parent cycles there the rest of the family takes the train).

“We all experienced the Sure Start Groups in the past, so we learned how valuable regular interaction between parents are.  You’d exchange deliberations on anything relating to children and hear about challenges of other parents,” says one of the cycling dad’s.   He adds: “But here we all get fit in the process – we all gained a few pounds or more, when we became parents – and we do this at times the kids are either still sleeping or when the other parent or carer can look after them.”

Cicleparents meet for regular spins in Regents Park as early as 05:45, which means cars are still off the road there, but also already took the little ones for fun rounds around the Kings Cross Granary Square on the odd afternoon.

They are open to mums and dads from Camden and Islington and beyond.

Whilst they say a good road or touring bike is highly recommended, if you wish to take part in all activities, they do have a slower bi-monthly day that suits most types of bikes and riders.

This is about more than just me, says another parent.  “I passionately believe in cycling as the future for London,” says one mum, who has only recently bought a hand built Condor road bike through the London cycle schema.

Cicleparents webpage


Regular Meeting: Every Tuesday, 05.40 Gloucester Gate, Regents Park.  Simple “just turn-up” policy. A 05.30 pre-meet at Kings Cross can be arranged for newbies and those less confident cycling in the dark.

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