62-68 York Way – Whitbread submit planning application for hotel, comments by 4 October

whitbread ground floor plan proposed

Whitbread have submitted their planning application for the proposed hotel on this site.  It’s live on the Islington website. Here are some links to a few documents – to get the whole lot search for application number P2013/3202/FUL or hopefully click here. (I still haven’t worked out how to put proper links in to the dire website). The drawings etc can be found at the bottom of the page by clicking ‘Related Documents’.  The comment form is here – comment  by 4 October.

Here are some links to key documents:

Front elevation on Wharfdale Road

West elevation

East elevation

Ground floor plan

Transport Statement – TfL are dismissive about any junction changes (page 3 email)

You can get to previous posts about 62-68 York Way via this link

The Whitbread team have proven amenable to discussion – you can contact them via rhian.ellis@ppsgroup.co.uk – well worth doing if you have questions about how bits of it will work.  Or add comments here or by email and i can pass them on.

BTW – Islington have been messing around with the address of the site which they now have as ‘64-66 York Way, 68 York Way, 3 Crianan Street, (Formally known as 62-68 York Way) London N1 9AG’ 

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5 Responses to 62-68 York Way – Whitbread submit planning application for hotel, comments by 4 October

  1. david says:

    Not sure about having the main entrance on Wharfdale Road as any taxis on drop offs may well block buses turning into Wharfdale. Infact street view on google maps illustrates this point perfectly with a bus turning into Wharfdale road

  2. Like the Wharfdale Rd elevation, like that the restaurant fronts onto Wharfdale. Like taxi drop offs on Wharfdale… have become so cynical that I’ve ended up thinking more small vehicles dropping off here might force TfL to redesign that terrible junction with York Way. Taxi drivers are a pretty strong lobbying lot.

  3. Alice Harper says:

    I agree with Sophie – the Wharfdale Rd elevation is much improved from the last plans. But am concerned about safety of the road junction – surely they’ll have to improve it??

  4. Andrew L says:

    I am thinking the taxi drop off should be on York Way, gives the taxis a chance to go up York Way again, rather than forcing them round the one way. I also note that in the tree report that the one tree that seems of most consideration (grade b) is also the one that was knocked down by the truck.

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