New French bakery Aux Pains de Papy opens in Kings Cross at top of Grays Inn Road No 279

auz pains de papy grays inn roadLovely to see a new shop opening with a family team as bakery Aux Pains de Papy opens its doors at 279 Grays Inn Road just around the corner from Kings Cross.  The resident team above are a father and two brothers, all products are baked on premises. I had an excellent bacon quiche, far better than Paul say and there were some excellent looking beignets glistening with sugar in the window.  Kings Cross lacks a good baker and this is a very welcome addition.  Mail to contact.

There’s some marketing blurb that suggests there will be a few more opening in London soon and this site has a ten year lease.

Aux pains de papy grays inn road kings cross

So there we go, an artisan bakery, another one to cross off the gentrification list.

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9 Responses to New French bakery Aux Pains de Papy opens in Kings Cross at top of Grays Inn Road No 279

  1. Arey says:

    Had coffee and the best pain au chocolat ever here last week while on holiday in London. Met all the family involved in the bakery; two sons, wife and father. They could not have been nicer, and we even got to have a go making the brioche then to top it off we got a little bag of cookies going out the door. Made our day! Wishing them all the very best in their business, they deserve success with this level of service and the pastries speak for themselves.

  2. floatyboaty says:

    My decades-long search for a proper fresh-baked croissant in England is finally at an end. I’ve tried any number of bakeries (some supposedly “French”) and have come up against the ubiquitous frozen croissant pretty much every time. Some are pretty good (eg Belle Epoque in Newington Green). Many claim to use French buttter and flour. But none have measured up to what you would expect to pick up from any boulangerie in any village in France. Having spent a lot of time in France during my childhood it’s been something of an obsession with me (I know, first world problems, eh?). Until now. These guys make absolutely superb croissants: flakey and light and delicious. It’s a lovely little shop too, and I can’t wait to try everything else. Yay.

    • Thank you Dear Floatyboaty for your comment, you just made my day! We will always do our best to keep this standard of quality, being artisan means a lot for us.
      Have a nice day.

    • on the basis of this comment i went back yesterday and had a pain au chocolate which was quite exceptional. they looked slightly scorched – quite black on top – but were astonishingly light, airy with a fantastic chocolate bite in the centre. quite brilliant, easily the best i have had in the UK too. can’t reocmmend highly enough.

  3. Monika says:

    I love this place , friendly people there and very very much I love pain au chocolate ( must say normally I don”t like even chocolate). Coffee is really the best in London. Im happy to live just 2 min. away. Thank you.

  4. didier says:

    I have tryed a lot of french boulangeries and I can say I have eaten the best croissant “pure beurre” in London into “Aux pains de Papy”. I am french and very difficult customer, but let me just advice you to check and enjoy!!

  5. Gabriel says:

    The croissants could not have been better, and the quiche, and the tarte au citron with real lemon juice, and the fougasses, and the cafe au lait :-). There are a few seats inside, in front of a large window looking into the bakery, where we have enjoyed the food, the view, the activity and the hospitality of this family. We will be back!

  6. Olga says:

    Discovered this little bakery today 🙂 It’s small but cosy and is full of delicious yummies. Staff is very friendly, lovely and I liked that they cared about every customer. Their croissants aux amandes made my day. The tarts are also very light, delicate and tasty with very thin layer of dough. The bread here is also amazing. Definitely coming again soon.

  7. roseina conaty says:

    I checked out this place out today for the first time and was trez impressed, great service, food and prices. will definetely be paying another visit.

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