Kings Cross emerges from behind green shed

20130414-073456.jpgA quick sneak shot of the front of the station now the green canopy has been removed and what appears to be the framework for the rain shelter is going in. I just stuck my phone through the hoarding hence the acute angle. Look forward to seeing the whole thing soon.

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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5 Responses to Kings Cross emerges from behind green shed

  1. ada says:

    Does anyone remember Kings Cross station circa 1948. ? (Before the station now being refurbished) A little old man selling newspapers from a small wooden stand in front of the station. Including Scottish newspapers “Sunday Post” and “Sunday Mail”. The Dandy and Beano.
    Carter Patterson haulage company with carts pulled by horses. B.R.S. (British Road Services} in goods yard to side of station.
    The hearse of King George arriving at Kings Cross station from Norfolk Plinths on platform 13 draped in purple fabric.

    May 1960 – Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones starting off on honeymoon

    What memorable events do you remember seeing at Kings Cross station all those years ago.?.

    Do you remember the Potato Market in York Way Bravingtons jewellers in Pentonville Road. Glyn Mills Bank. Joe Lyons for a fantastic cuppa tea and cheese roll. Times Furnishing. The Black and White Milk Bar. Regent Theatre now the site o fCamden Town Hall. Later still Houseman’s at the start of Caledonian Road. Vittorio’s (Victor and Tony) where you could buy good value home cooked Italian food. Baker’s the baker in Caledonian Road nr to Balfe Street and Wharfdale Road. (Who remembers the sausage rolls and bread hot from the oven ?.)

  2. Hi ada back in the late sixties early seventies we would deliver potatoes in to the kings x potato market on flatbed lorries it was all unloaded by hand in to old converted stables the company called shulters had two porters who would stack the 56lb bags on to the old wooden floors.. ‘in the winter we would place straw or hay on top of the load at the farm then place ropes and sheets over it to stop blight getting in to the potatoes. i also remember the old cobble stone entrance yard to the potato market and the cafe across the road where we would offen get tea and dog rolls after unloading the potatoes all gone now alias but happy days. steve ex covent garden haulier.

    • ada says:

      Hello Steve: It was good to read your memories of the potato market in York Way. Do you remember Mash &Murrell the potato dealers a little further up York Way opposite the goods sidings of Kings Cross station where the animals came off for slaughter on Sunday afternoons.(by Tileyard) Mash and Murrell was also a garage where we could buy petrol.

      I worked from 1954- 1974 not too far from your stands in Crinan Street, York Way (behind the British Legion PoppyFactory and near Westinghouse Brake and Signal Company)
      On visiting the area last month it was difficult to imagine how it once looked. ….

    • Roger Merry-Price says:

      My grandfather and father worked for A Eames Ltd who were potato merchants and occupied premises opposite the cafe and post office in Yorkway. My mother, who came up from South Wales worked in the post office and met and married my father. In the 1950s as a school boy I helped with filing in the office. My father went out with the lorries lifting 100 x 1 cwt bags of potatoes to customers like J Lyons, hard work.

  3. Joe McMorrow says:

    I used to work at the Old Potato Market for just over five years, from 1983 to 1987. However the Potato Market was long gone by then as I remember. The space was sectioned off into scrap yards, Scaffolding firms and (in my case) a Builders Yard. I just had a look on google streetmap as I happened to come across a photo of the old yard (with one of my motorbikes in the foreground being the actual subject of the photo). I cannot remember any of it based on how the street is now. I also used to go to the cafe opposite the cobbled entrance to the potato market – run by a husband and wife. Fantastic food as I remember and a pub on the corner – maybe called the Marlborough Arms? Or the Duke of Marlborough or something. A very dodgy haunt!

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