Flying Scotsman seeking to renew their sex establishment licence for 2013

flying scotsman notice

The Flying Scotsman on the Cally has offered striptease for donkey’s years.  It’s a budget establishment and for many is redolent of Kings Cross’s seedy past as a red light district.  We wrote this up in detail last year when the Scotsman applied for their regular licence renewal.  Given the debate last time, it seems some objections from the community could lead to the licence not being renewed.  If you wish to object or support write to – if you say that you wish your comment to remain anonymous, then it will.  You have 28 days from 28 March which is roughly 26 April.  The council is obliged to take into accountany reports about the licensee and management of the premises received from residents, council officers or the police and any evidence of complaints about noise or disturbance caused by premises‘.

Last year, Cllr Convery said:

‘I have met with the applicant and I am reasonably convinced they do intend to close-down this bar within 12 to 18 months and move to something like a gastro-pub. It’s a family-owned business that owns all of the terrace at 2-8 Caledonian Rd including Kesyton House and the former Brill restaurant. The business has struggled to raise the capital to redevelop the whole building to a new standard and it deserves some help with this endeavour. The license to be granted on 25th March is only for a year. I am fairly sure that if the applicant gives such an undertaking but then does not deliver on it, the committee would turn-down the next annual re-application’

Edit history -I left out a ‘not’ above about the renewal on first publishing

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