Name a road in King’s Cross Central


SPECIAL NOTE: If you’re reading this to suggest Ben Kinsella St, Rd, Close etc, it’s a brilliant idea. This is possibly a once in a lifetime chance to have a new local street named after Ben. However, leaving a comment on our site doesn’t enter your suggestion in the naming competition. To do that please CLICK HERE to go to the street naming competition website. Thankyou!


Not often you get a chance to name a London street, but here’s a chance to name ten. The developers of King’s Cross Central aka N1C are running a competition so get in with your suggestions.

Stuck for ideas? How about historical connections, local heroes, great events, past industries, artistic connections or the construction and engineering links to the area?

Get your ideas in by the end of May to King’s Cross Central online, or at the visitor centre at the front of the University of the Arts in Granary Square or at at libraries in Camden (yawn, sorry KX Islington, we know you are the people most inconvenienced by all the building at N1C, but you’ve been left out once again – why couldn’t Islington West Library be invited to carry this info – most of the libraries in Camden are sooo far away!). That’s another source of inspiration: names that clearly link King’s Cross Central with its Islington side!!!

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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65 Responses to Name a road in King’s Cross Central

  1. Sarah Wedderburn says:

    What about Thomas Hardy Street (on the grounds he was the surveyor who cleared the graveyard for the coming of the railway) or Verlaine and Rimbaud Way, or John Betjeman Row. Or Jerusalem Street – I saw someone suggested that and it’s great.

  2. Sophie Talbot says:

    Don’t forget to suggest that on the link given for King’s Cross Central online…. it’s a really lovely suggestion.

  3. Diana Shelley says:

    But please don’t name it after one of the ‘local heroes’ who campaigned against the development… Last year a Camden councillor suggested a road there should be named after Lisa Pontecorvo, to the dismay of her family and friends who knew she’d have hated such a memorial. Sarah’s ideas above are great, tho I’m not sure about Jerusalem. Perhaps those plug ugly towerblocks are our modern satanic mills?

  4. How about a series of roads named after beer types and the beer industry? There’s always been beer production near King’s Cross, and even today its presence is obvious with the Parcel Yard pub and shops like Sources (in St Pancras Intl) with wide selection of local craft beers.

    I would suggest:

    Stout Street
    Lager Lane
    Pale Ale Passage
    Mild Mews
    Golden Ale Alleyway
    Barley Wine Way (Or Barley Winding Way)
    Porter Parkway
    Bitter Boulevard
    Amber Ale Trail
    Wheat Beer Walk

  5. Lynne says:

    Mrs Wilberforce Street (from The Ladykillers). I love her!

  6. Lynne says:

    Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley.

  7. Natalie France says:

    Ben Kinsella close/street/road would be a fitting tribute I think

  8. Sharon says:

    Ben kinsella road

  9. christina holloway says:

    ben kinsella street

  10. Jacky says:

    A road should be named after Ben Kinsella

  11. Sarah says:

    Ben Kinsella rd/st or close

  12. Jeremy Sanders says:

    There need to be a permanent tribute to Ben to remind people of the senseless waste of so many lives in just one incident

  13. caherine lake says:

    I think the names should be named after al the inocent people who have lost there lives on the streets of London.
    Starting with Ben Kinsella Road , Brooke his sister has worked hard to keep his memory aive it would be a wnderful gesture. Mae it happen x

  14. Eve Dineen says:

    Ben Kinsella Road

  15. Georgie Oconnor says:

    Ben Kinsella close

  16. Chris doll says:

    Ben Kinsella way

  17. Helen burns says:

    Ben Kinsella Close sound lovely and very meaning full. Thank you x

  18. Laura says:

    Why not call it jimmy mizen street or Rob Knox or Ben kinsella after those boys that were stabbed innocently. This would be. Great memory for their families.

  19. Laura says:

    Ben kinsella close….

  20. Laura says:

    Ben kinsella close

  21. kerry says:

    Ben kinsella close

  22. Ross Jenkins says:

    Ben Kinsella Close would be a great tribute.

  23. Louise Lowe says:

    Ben Kinsella Close

  24. Matt says:

    Ben Kinsella close

  25. Hannah says:

    Ben Kinsella Road, in memory of Ben x

  26. george says:

    Kinsella road!!

  27. Sarah west says:

    Ben Kinsella Close/road. Named after a life taken too soon, and to help campaign in all his family does to promote knife crime prevention. This would be another milestone and could promote peace in a street nearby!

  28. Patricia carman says:

    Ben Kinsella close x

  29. Tracey says:

    I think Ben Kinsella Street/Road would be a fitting tribute for a wonderful boy who was taken far too young X

  30. Julie says:

    Ben Kinsella Close – in rememberance. RIP Ben xox

  31. Kelly Havens says:

    Ben kinsella close/road

  32. Chancelle says:

    Ben Kinsella Street/Road would be very fitting and a beautiful tribute

  33. Lucy says:

    Ben Kinsella street would be an incredible tribute to a boy whose memory will save countless lives and in his name a law was changed in this country to toughen sentences on knife crime. Not a bad legacy for a 16 year old.

  34. amie follett says:

    Ben Kinsella road. Local boy, everyone knows the name, his family have done huge amounts of charity work and work for the community since his death.

  35. Mandy says:

    Ben kinsella road/ close would be a lovely tribute to Ben and his family for all there charity work they have done in the community since his death xxx

  36. Ian says:

    Ben Kinsella close/road would be a fitting tribute to Ben & his wonderful sister who works so hard to stop knife crimes

  37. Natalie says:

    Ben Kinsella should have a street/place/close/avenue named after him failing that Brooke should for all of her amazing work.

  38. adereeves says:

    Ben Kinsella close/street/road should 1000% be one of them!

  39. adereeves says:

    Ben Kinsella close/street/road should 1000% be done!

  40. Henry says:

    There IS only one choice. Ben Kinsella Street

  41. Rosie says:

    Ben Kinsella Road/Close/Street
    A beautiful tribute to an amazing family who have done so much for the community xx

  42. Jackie Reeves says:

    As a lasting tribute I think Ben Kinsella Road/Street would continue the good work being done by his family

  43. sheila conway says:

    Lovely idea … has to be Ben Kinsella Way xxx

  44. John jones jnr says:

    Ben Kinsella road would be a fitting tribute to a
    Tragic waste of a young mans life who had the world at
    His feet , it’s the least London could do .

  45. To whom it may concern
    I would like to ask you if you would consider
    Naming a road after a much loved son,brother and by family and many, many friends who was so sadly murdered in 2008 he was 16 years old
    Ben was born and raised in islington he
    Also attended the blessed Sacrament
    School and church in Copenhagen street
    Which is just yards from kings cross central
    If you would like any more information please email me and I will. Get back to you ASAP
    Many thanks George kinsella

  46. Shana Pullen says:

    Ben Kinsella Close – There should be a tribute.. As well as a reminder to young people the devastating affects that can be caused by their actions.


  47. David Hanmer says:

    I suggest “Ben Kinsella Close”. It would be a fitting tribute. RIP Ben.

  48. vicki kenyon says:

    I think Kinsella street & Everett Road is a lovely idear in memory to two special people.

  49. caroline ryan says:

    Richard Everitt road – RIchards way

  50. Wildie says:

    Ben Kinsella Road / Street

  51. GAAAA says:

    Ben Kinsella

  52. Dave IOD says:

    Ben Kinsella who was the cruel victim of Knife crime..! A road/street named after him would be very fitting for his family and many friends to Keep his memory alive forever. His Sister Brooke and the rest of the family have and will forever campaign to abolish Knife Crime and keeping Ben forever in there thoughts

  53. Davina Jones says:

    Ben Kinsella close/street/road

  54. teresa gunn says:

    Bens close

  55. Robert Powell says:

    Remember Ben, honour Brooke, Kinsella Way/ Walk/ Road/Street, or parade…. Lets also remember Richard Everitt

  56. Dawn says:

    I would like to suggest Everitt Street in memory of a young man, Richard Everitt who lost his life in tragic circumstances aged 15,

  57. Stacey Pitman Putnam says:

    Think this is really nice x


    Kinsella drive , or Bens close , as after his tragic senseless death,the KINSELLA family have shown , DRIVE & compassion in there fight to save lives and educate ISLINGTONS youth as well as the whole country BEN was a beautiful young man who had the DRIVE to succeed and excel name the street to show how wastefulness and choices can effect all our lives AND BE A REMINDER WE SHOULD INSPIRE ALWAYS

  59. Joan says:

    I would like to suggest that a street be named after Richard Everitt. This lovely young man was taken from this would in an incident in the Kings Cross area. He was only 15 when he died and left all those who had the privilege of knowing him with a huge gap in our lives. I feel that it would be a fitting tribute to a local young man and it would be a constant reminder to local youths that life it far to short to be living in anger and resolving it with violence. I do hope that you take this into consideration. He may not have been a famous person as some others have suggested, but, he an amazing local young man.

    Thank you for the opportunity for putting his name forward.

  60. I am also suggesting Richard Everitt Street. Another young man whose life was taken from him whilst walking home at the age of 15. Lets be able to remember these young people who’s lives where taken in such tragic circumstances…

  61. Mrs. D James says:

    I think a tribute to Richard Everitt would be really nice for a special boy who lost his life in Somers Town and was very much loved by everyone.

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