Camden consults residents on 20 Miles Speed limit

Camden is consulting residents on a new 20 miles zone across the borough.

The Green, Kings Norton - 20 Zone - Speed Kill...

– 20 Zone – Speed Kills – sign (Photo credit: ell brown)

This obviously also affects Kings Cross.  The consultation also contains questions that Camden can address to TFL to propose changes on the red routes.  In my opinion the crux of the matter is where people live on both sides of the roads or where there are  lots of pedestrians and cyclists or where there are single directional lanes or schools speeds should also come down.  This applies to all of Kings Cross / St Pancras  Red Route Lanes.

You may have one or the other idea to add.  Do make your voice heard.

Explain Camden the way you see it here by 25 March 2013.

About Daniel Zylbersztajn

Daniel Zylbersztajn, works as a journalist, mostly for German media, and as a Pilates Teacher. Born in Germany and raised in Germany, Holland and Israel, he is a long term resident of London Kings Cross, involved parent, local and social activist, and positive lifestyle advocate. He also held posts in research, and conflict work, a.o. for the Palestinian - Israeli peace village Wahat al Salam ~ Neve Shalom. He holds a BA in history and politics from SOAS and two Master degrees, in Urban Sociology (Goldsmiths) and Sports Coaching (Brunel) and tweets under @zylbersztajn
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