In the dark at York Way’s KX bus stop

York Way bus stopAt Transport for London and LB Camden’s all new improved King’s Cross Station York Way bus stop tonight passengers are still in the dark (see picture taken at 6.30pm, left). The bus stop should be lit making people waiting feel safer and enabling people to read the information to the rear of the shelter.  But the lights have not been working since the stop on the new widened pavement was installed in October.

The problem has been reported to Transport for London and we’ll report on how quickly it’s now rectified.


About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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4 Responses to In the dark at York Way’s KX bus stop

  1. Thank goodness for King’s Boulevard meaning many residents further north no longer have to face the gauntlet of crowded bus stops, ‘party-goers’ and fumes up York Way. Are the parked bus drivers complying with the law against running their engines to keep the heating on this winter?

  2. Stretton says:

    That’s simply not true the lights have been working perfectly fine until they started doing the works next to the stop as you can clearly see in the picture

    • Sophie Talbot says:

      Hi Stretton,

      We have email correspondence from TfL stating that the lights at the stop have not been connected to a power supply since the stop was built so it is impossible for the lights ever to have worked. TfL states that the delay is due to Camden LBC requiring the required excavation, connection and reinstatement to take place in one day – doesn’t seem an unreasonable requirement to me though and I don’t understand why it should add to the delay.

  3. Good news from TfL today: “Thanks for the feedback. My team confirmed to me earlier today that works have been completed. Apparently the original delay was caused by Camden, the permitting authority, requesting that the works be undertaken on a Sunday.”

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