At last!

Work to complete the second phase of pavement widening and a ‘pinch point’ crossing in York Way is now scheduled from Monday February 4th. The improvements fall short of what many of us wanted – real traffic calming in York Way (and for all one-way roads in King’s Cross) The improvements also fall short of the original Camden consultation options as these were vetoed by TFL. It’s another small step in making KX a better place to live, work and study although I’m sure we all await a bolder plan, with a real vision to deliver a world-class city centre environment.Image

About Sean Murray

Sean Murray is the founder of Sean Murray Retail Marketing - a team of multi discipline retail marketing specialists and an urban activist in London's King's Cross - a hot bed of regeneration, wheely trollies and a one-way system we want to make history.
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3 Responses to At last!

  1. There is indeed a bolder plan with real vision … it’s slowly emerging from repeated conversations around Islington and Camden. It involves removal of the Kings Cross gyratory system(s) altogether. The northern gyratory (York Way – Wharfedale Rd – Caledonian Rd) is the easier to fix and at Islington Council we are already preparing to implement part of this. During 2013, we shall return a stretch of Caledonian Rd (between Wharfedale Rd and Caledonia Street) to 2-way traffic working. York Way is controlled by Camden; the junction of Caledonian Rd and Pentonville Rd is controlled by TfL; but the rest of the gyratory is Islington’s. So we are taking the first step to return road sanity to the area by implementing 2 way traffic. This is the simplest and quickest method of calming a stretch of highway like Caledonian Rd. Presently it is a nightmare – effectively 3 lanes wide with significantly fewer cars than in previous time. Result – a 400m highspeed straight for boy racers. A dreadul pedestrian environment.

  2. Stuart Cottis says:

    Paul – that’s a great idea and one I wholeheartedly support. Well done Islington for taking the initiative here. Who controls Wharfdale Road?

  3. Mark Pinkerton says:

    So now that the works are fully underway, can anyone tell me what provision has been made for cyclists?
    From my experience, it seems as if the changes are making it more dangerous for us cyclists. Why is there no bike lane?

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