Here’s your chance to help plan for The Cally


It’s been an exciting year on The Cally: dozens of Diamond Jubilee Street Parties in June; a great turn out to The Cally Olympic Torch relay in July; thousands of people at the fantastic Cally Festival in September; and even a new zebra crossing earlier in the year. Now we’ve got the Cally Saturday Market, the festive lights and new short stay free flexible parking to look forward to.  Things are clearly moving on in The Cally.  

The Cally consists of some of most culturally diverse and historic areas of Islington, with a wonderful range of existing buildings, independent shops, cafes, waterways and parks. The Cally Plan aims to build on the strengths of the street, transform perceptions of the area, encourage positive change and stimulate investment.  This is your opportunity to learn more about the Plan; feed in your ideas for improvements and celebrate current strengths that you would like to see supported and retained on the Caledonian Road.

The Cally Plan aims to set out the priorities and opportunities for the area that can be achieved through planning over the next few years and as such could include agreed priorities around the local businesses and shops, local land use, cultural/community/ leisure facilities, open space, transport/highways improvements or housing.

The Plan is important because when it is adopted, planning officers will take its content into account when considering planning applications and making decisions.

Come along to an evening of public debate and conversation about the Cally Plan on Tuesday 20 November 2012, at 7pm until 9pm at Jean Stokes Community Hall, Coatbridge House, Bemerton Estate, N1 ODQ

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About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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