Help plant 900 daffs on the Bemerton this Saturday 11am

I the Cally

At the Cally festival 2012 100  ‘I heart the Cally’ bookbags were sold and 100 people gave their reasons for loving the lovely, lovable, Caledonian Road whilst donations were collected for the daffs that will be planted this weekend on the Bemerton. People said they heart the Cally because…

  1. it brings both sides of Islington together!
  2. the Ferodo bridge is awesome
  3. it’s got everything you’d possibly want
  4. I’ve been here 60 years
  5. I live here ! xx
  6. I love the veg shop
  7. there are so many different people from so many countries.
  8. I live here!
  9. everything we need is here (especially the Cally Pool and Café Terrace!)
  10. I live around the corner!
  11. it’s why we live here!
  12. the pet shop
  13. the faces are familiar and interesting
  14. it’s so vibrant and diverse
  15. coz I live here!
  16. the transport links are brilliant
  17. I live here
  18. it’s one of London’s hidden gems. It still retains a community spirit. And I was born here, and have lived here my whole life! 🙂
  19. because we live here!
  20. it’s full of unpretentious life! (lucky to live here)
  21. I moved away and miss it!
  22. I’ve lived here for over 20 years
  23. everyone is friendly and it’s home! I love the Cally xxx
  24. we have two adventure playgrounds – Crumbles Castle and Lumpy Hill
  25. I was born on the Cally
  26. the nice ladies
  27. I love the Bemerton!
  28. the pound shop is so useful!
  29. I live here and I love it
  30. it’s got everything I need
  31. it’s vibrant, friendly, diverse, and my home! x
  32. it’s home to the coolest jumpers
  33. it’s got everything you want in life
  34. Ordinary people, comes in colours, tall and small, turns out to be extraordinary one and all
  1. everything about London is here!
  2. all the shops sell lovely food, even late at night
  3. the people are great
  4. the young people have massive potential
  5. how friendly the shopkeepers are!
  6. it’s real!
  7. it’s an endless source of entertainment
  8. we live here and started our family here (plus it sounds Scottish)
  9. it looks like you are going to get stabbed but everyone is very lovely
  10. it’s friendly
  11. my daughter, Anya, has made us love it!
  12. it is a community!
  13. it’s home!
  14. the diversity of the locals
  15. it’s the real NORF London
  16. it’s a great place to live and it’s steeped in fascinating history
  17. Canal 125
  18. I bought some Lions’ feet here once
  19. the wonderful community
  20. all the people in the world are here sometimes
  21. all the dogs are funny here
  22. the nicest people live here 🙂
  23. IT’S HOME!! 🙂
  24. my boyfriend lives here and I love my boyfriend!
  25. it keeps it real!
  26. child friendly!
  27. I was born here
  28. it’s fab
  29. the diversity
  30. it has a great range of shops and the traders are very helpful. The West Library is excellent and the festival must be held every year until 2050
  31. ordinary often turns out to be extraordinary
  32. the range of shops and friendly people
  33. the people!!!
  34. I live on the street of Cally
  35. everyone is so friendly!
  36. it’s a nice place to shop
  37. it’s a great, great place!
  39. shops not bad but could do with more selection
  40. it has strong historical roots, and my family is from Cally Road!
  41. it surprises me
  42. some brilliant people live here
  43. great diverse people live and work here
  44. the diverse nature of the people. It’s the people who make it special!
  45. there is a great community feeling, lots going on, multicultural, lots of residents joining in to make it better and because it’s my home patch.
  46. all the wonderful people and lots of lovely shops. I also love St Andrew’s church
  47. it’s got a great sense of community
  48. the amazing Italian man!
  49. it’s just our home.
  50. it’s full of so many people, old and young, from all over the world in one place
  51. I’ve just moved here and it’s amazing!
  52. I love the sense of community!
  53. it’s seriously diverse and anything/anyone goes. Be yourself!! Xx
  54. it’s still got a great community and isn’t massively overdeveloped
  55. I live here! It’s home. And it has a lively, friendly and very mixed population.
  56. its diversity and every time you walk down the road you see an interesting face
  57. it’s fantastic fun J
  58. I love the Cally pool
  59. it’s so interesting
  60. it’s so lively
  61. the kebab shop on the corner of Offord road is amazing
  62. the Cally kids doing wheelies on their bikes
  63. the new graffiti – I love the big dog and the parrots
  64. my neighbours are lovely, and different from me!
  65. because you can tell that the people who live here love it (mostly!)
  66. I love the Cally fest!

The bags were printed in a living room and sold to raise money for daffodil bulbs to plant in the grounds of the Bemerton Estate. If you live on the Bem and would like to join in planting them, get in touch at Or if you’re a local gardener and want to offer help or plants/cuttings to fill empty flowerbeds, get in touch!

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Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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