Get More – Wow!!!

There’s a hive of enterprising activity taking place in King’s Cross all driven by two social entrepreneurs busy setting up new sustainable community-led businesses. It’s the Get More Social initiative driven by Judith Paris and Steve Connelly and it’s about to launch a swathe of new services under the GetMore banner.

Together Judith and Steve are a powerhouse of ideas matched with action. They want to see local communities come alive again, become cohesive again, become vibrant and all by working with local people to set up social enterprises that become fully sustainable leaving a lasting legacy of benefit to everybody. As Judith says,

“To GetMore the young, unemployed and pensioners are an untapped wealth, an under-utilised asset and one that we can mobilise right now, to mend the broken systems, and recreate social fabric and community cohesion. Grand words we hear you say but our projects are not based on rocket science; they are tangible, practical and doable.  And anyone can get involved.”

Judith hard at work

GetMore’s HQ is based in the Wynford Estate community hall nestled behind the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school on Risinghill Street. A huge range of activities take place here from computer training to high spec catering managed by an accomplished chef (GetMoreFood) and Thrifty Couture creating beautiful garments out of recycled materials.

The latest GetMore will soon be launched on the Bemerton Estate at a newly fitted out workshop with GetMoreBikes providing repairs and security marking for your bikes, Steve says,

“Launching in the Autumn of 2012, GetMoreBikes will employ and train local apprentices to offer a full bike repair and maintenance service for bike riders, employers, and fleet owners across London”

The Get More family of social enterprises is a breath of fresh air. Well worth supporting these local community-led businesses. We wish them the very best for the GetMoreBikes opening!

Steve in IT training mode

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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  1. Valon Morina says:

    Hi there I would like to apply for your apprenticeship

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