Camden Town Hall extension development – another tall building?

Camden Town Hall ExtensionThe Community Bulletin Board just received the following information about the redevelopment of Camden Town Hall Extension on the Euston Road.  We thought this would be of interest to all local residents.

Camden are planning to sell the Town Hall Extension (the egg-box building opposite St Pancras Chambers) and they are holding a consultation to gather people’s views on what should happen to the site once it is sold.

 For some reason Camden decided not to arrange a public meeting about this consultation.   So the community is organising one itself.  The meeting is scheduled as follows:

Thursday October 18th 7.00 pm
Lumen Church
88 Tavistock Place/Regent Square
(near Wakefield Street)

This is an open meeting so people can share their thoughts about what should happen to the Extension site.  We believe Camden will send along some senior officers who can answer your questions about it.  See attached poster for more info:


Friends of Argyle Square feels strongly that any new development on this section of Euston Road should be no taller than the buildings which are there now, and we will be happy to discuss this point at the meeting.  But we are sure people will also want to discuss other aspects such as a potential east-west route, what should be on the ground floor, etc.

Please come along and also publicise this meeting to everyone you know who might be interested. 

Many thanks

Richenda Walford Secretary of the Friends of Argyle Square,

Please note: This meeting is not being organised by Friends of Argyle Square.  Other members of the community are organising it.  However, we support the meeting and that’s why we’ve publicised it and have distributed their poster. 


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