The best little car wash in King’s Cross

Fourteen year old Ronnie has a fab Grandad and together they make quite a team. Grandad invested a good few of his hard earned pounds into pressure washing equipment when Ronnie said he wanted to set up the Squeaky Clean Car Wash to make an income during the summer holidays.

It’s easy to spot the Squeaky Clean Car Wash – just think Team GB and head to the union flag bunting!

Ronnie is now washing cars (£5 for a wash and £3 for valeting) and washing down neighbours’ drives, steps and anything else that could do with a clean.

Ronnie has put up signs at either end of Lavina Grove to encourage vehicles to stop for a clean

These days our teenagers are often vilified as tooled up yobs we should all run a mile from. Ronnie’s car wash on Lavina Grove just goes to show how wrong we can be. Please support Ronnie by treating your vehicle to a good clean. It’s easy to find the Squeaky Clean Car Wash at Lavina Grove – it’s on the KX gyratory system just off Wharfdale Road.

We’re keen to carry stories about the great stuff kids are doing in KX… contact us if you’ve got a teenager with a story to tell.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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4 Responses to The best little car wash in King’s Cross

  1. debbie baker says:

    I read this article and was so impressed that a teenager was actually doing something worth while, to get cash rather than stealing,robbing,or giving parents a hard time for the things he wants , That i thought let me go an check it out. I was expecting a mediocre job to be honest, which would of been okay to me as his trying his best, But to my surprise, I couldn’t believe how professional this kid was what a breath of fresh air he is an a credit to society. The pricing he charges is very reasonable and i was happy to pay it and leave a tip . i give him 5 stars and will defiantly be going back

  2. Ronnie certainly is an enterprising youth! We need more kids like this today!

  3. ronnie's grandad says:

    me and Ronnie’s mum just wanted to say how proud we are of him.But how disappointed we are that there has been two negative incidents.The first happened late last Wednesday evening the cardboard sign you see in the above picture was taken away by someone. at first we thought it may of been the company that the sign was attached to. so we politely knocked to see if we had offended them but they was as shocked and said no and that it was fine to have the sign there but they had no idea what had happened to the sign. so we thanked them and put up another sign made of wood this time and low and behold it was taken again is very disheartening to see that all his good efforts of being a decent teenager in the community are being sabotaged

  4. ann says:

    id like to say that Ronnie washed my drive way for me and what a fantastic job he did to was happy to pay him as it saved my back, but he is such a sweetheart that he not alone done the drive he washed the window railing and my bin shed he is remarkable lad. the whole street is supporting his efforts and we will all defiantly be having our drives when i asked them what done on a regular basis. might i add that happened to the sign i couldn’t believe what they told is so frustrating when someone is doing such good things in the community only to have their efforts down trodden most kids would of thrown in the towel after that but no little Rons still going strong bless him makes me proud to be able to say i know him

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