King’s Cross based, award winning independent film-maker needs your help!

King’s Cross film-maker Greg Hall receiving the Katrin Cartlidge award from Mike Leigh for The Plague in 2004

COMMUNION is the fourth feature film from King’s Cross based award winning and critically acclaimed director Greg Hall whose previous work has garnered a reputation as raw, cutting edge, relevant British cinema in the shape of feature films The Plague (2004)Kapital (2007) and SSDD: Same Shit Different Day (2010). Greg is running a crowd-funding campaign right now to get Communion out. The target is £15k and you can help with a donation no matter how small – or large!

COMMUNION is a road movie unlike anything you’ve seen before, a complex thriller set in the deep dark depths of the British countryside.

Actor Paul Marlon – recent recipent Best Actor (Short Film) Award for BRUISED (Bootleg Film Festival – Toronto 2012) – is set to play lead character Father Clemence who through a process of losing his faith has taken to executing his own form of vigilante justice. Along this journey he is joined by Maria (Ana Gonzalez Bello), a hitch hiking fiery punk who is fleeing her hometown of Mexico City. Together this odd couple will embark on a roller coaster of adventures that is at times both violent, dark, scary, real, funny and heart warming.

Please donate to support independent film making in our very own neighbourhood…  Click here for more information about Communion, Greg and the crowd funding project that you can join right now!


About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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