Council steps up enforcement action against Cally Landlord

Good post by Paul Convery over on the Cally Councillors blog about investigation and enforcement action against the Cally Road landlord who featured in the recent BBC documentary.  It seems that the landlord concerns owns far more than even came out in the documentary.  Including possibly the Pleasure Garden ‘massage parlour’ and the notorious Pappeos Nightclub that caused havoc with local people.  It’s also worth looking at the comments on the Cally Cows protest.

I did my best to help with enforcement action on Pappeos last year by monitoring social media for upcoming promotions and tipping the council licensing team off when events appeared in Facebook and Twitter, including the one that finally shut it down.  Paul lists a load of enforcement measures and goes on to say:

Cally Councillors have drawn-up a set of further actions that Council officials have agreed to pursue over the next 2 weeks to fully identify all properties owned by Mr Panayi and to check for compliance with planning permissions, building regulations and residential environmental health requirements.

At the heart of this is an information problem.  If we don’t know what local businesses are up to we don’t stand a chance of working as a community to get the best result for everyone.   Few regular readers of this site subscribe to a passive citizen world view where we expect the council to get on with everything and be omniscient.   We can’t help the council if we don’t know what’s happening.  The council’s databases of planning, alcohol, entertainment and other licensing etc is opaque to citizens who try to use it online and in need of renewal.  For instance i can’t subscribe to a feed or email service for all licences issued in Caledonian Ward.

Last year I asked super-coder Anna to do the basic work for a feed last year, but we couldn’t take it further.  It would be a great time for the council to look at providing open access to their databases and modern web feeds of the information that they present so that citizens can play more of a role in local monitoring and enforcement and play a more informed role in local decisions.

About William Perrin

Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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4 Responses to Council steps up enforcement action against Cally Landlord

  1. FN says:

    Good post William, esp about responding to planning and licensing and dealing with enforcement. On the Camden side it is also the shear quantity of applications and the lack of people who are prepared to actively watch out for all this. Great blog as always.

    Linus, Fitzrovia News

  2. We can now take forward the open access data proposal for Islington. The Council will undertake a trail to offer a feed for licensing applications. Sorry it has taken so long. I now have the Executive lead for licensing and I’ve instructed this to ahead.

  3. Stephan Schulte says:


    This is great news. I’m sure had not King’s Cross Environment promoted the original programme, many local people would have missed it. Having seen it, their displeasure with this rogue landlord was amplified to the notice of the Council.

    Another success for the Bulletin Board!!!!

  4. JAH says:

    One of the problems though is that, if the landlord does not apply for planning permission but just goes ahead with the work, no amount of feeds from the Council’s planning applications database will help. We have the same here in Camden. It’s the owners (criminals???) who do things without permission who are difficult to stop. Even when reported to the Council (e.g. demolition of the rear extension of a listed building) there seems to be no enforcement action taken (or indeed penalty paid).

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