Kings Cross Olympic transport fun and games

Kings Cross regulars are well used to congestion at KX and St Pancras.  I’m limbering up for a series of articles on getting to the Olympics from Kings Cross to do our bit to help out for the Olympics.  When we’ve been through all the issues we shall do a grand guide to getting there.  The Olympic organising people and TfL forecast some severe congestion for the stations during the morning and evening peaks.  We kick off with the Kings Cross peak flow diagram from TfL – on 12 days they forecast a more than 30 minute wait to board a service (if you read this article without graphics make the effort to download the chart it’s, illuminating).  TfL say:

King’s Cross Underground is a very busy station because passengers change between the National Rail and London Underground networks. Underground trains arriving at this station will already be carrying large numbers of passengers so it will be difficult to board here.

This station is expected to be:

  • exceptionally busy between 7-11am on weekdays during the Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • busier than usual between 4-7pm on weekdays during the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Advice & options

Re-time your journey

If possible, try to re-time your journey to start at or pass through this station after 10am and travel either before 4pm or after 7pm.

Use a different route

During the Games, you might find it quicker to travel using a different route to normal or using an alternative station. However, these alternative stations may also be busy, so check before you travel. Alternative stations nearby include:

  • Angel – Northern line (15 min walk)
  • Russell Square – Piccadilly line (16 min walk)
  • Euston Square – Metropolitan/Circle/Hammersmith & City lines (18 min walk)
  • Warren Street – Northern/Victoria line (20 min walk)
  • Mornington Crescent – Northern line (21 min walk)

(To see the original go to this site and click on the Kings Cross station icon and go to ‘The Facts’.)  Curiously none of these include at 15 minute walk to Caledonian Road and Barnsbury (from where you can actually get to Stratford).

Commuters and seasoned Londoners have the iPod assisted zombie-trance-zen-shuffle down to a fine art when coping with overcrowded platforms, sudden cancellations and the always welcome ‘You’ll have to walk to Russell Square/Highbury Corner’. But it isn’t clear how well our provincial and international visitors will manage when stressed by getting to an event on time.

We welcome helpful views and links to good transport material in the comments, which will be moderated with our usual polite, reasonable, non Partisan etc filter.

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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