Will the York Way junction ever be finished?

20120504-082143.jpgWork continues at a snail’s pace on the deadly junction….

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Active in Kings Cross London and South Oxfordshire, founder of Talk About Local, helping people find a voice online and a trustee of The Indigo Trust , Good Things Foundation and ThreeSixtyGiving as well as Connect8.
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2 Responses to Will the York Way junction ever be finished?

  1. Albert Beale says:

    From: Albert Beale, 5 Caledonian Road (020-7278 4474; worldpeace@gn.apc.org)

    The delay might be worthwhile if it meant that the introduction of new pinch-points for cyclists, where fast-moving converging lanes of traffic will end up squeezing cyclists as they come out of a bend, was being re-thought.

    But the road lay-out in the photograph shows that both of the new death-traps are still part of the design. Two north-bound lanes will converge into one as they come out of the half-turn (a blind bend) into York Way; and three east-bound lanes [because the “left turn into York Way” lane will be available to east-bound buses] will be pushed into two as they come out of the bend into Pentonville Road past the newly-aligned northern pavement outside MuckDonald’s.

    That’s why some of us feel the need to actively resist the TfL planners who give the throughput of motor vehicles a higher priority than the health, safety and sanity of road-users as a whole (see http://bikesalive.wordpress.com).

    Albert Beale

  2. James Melly says:

    They’re still tidying up but at last it’s more or less finished. I cycled it twice today and several things have certainly improved:
    – traffic entering York Way from Gray’s Inn Road can now (just about) stay in two lanes
    – this and the change to the phasing of the lights means there are no longer vehicles in the way when pedestrians get the signal to cross York Way
    – vehicles have to slow down much more to turn left into York Way from Euston Road, so there are should be fewer near misses with pedestrians
    – there is no longer the problem of the overcrowded central island

    So it feels a bit safer but mainly for pedestrians, and there hasn’t been any change in the balance of power between motorists and cyclists.

    It would also help if the taxi set-down was removed now that the new King’s Cross rank is open. Is this possible? Any cabbies care to comment?

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