Guide published to preserve heritage of Argyle Square

[This is an updated post with the new, finalised document now linked]

The Friends of Argyle Square, who look after the interests of the terrace-fringed oasis just south of the station, have put out a guide to help retain the historic character of  the square.

It has been written in partnership with Camden Council’s planning department. Many of the buildings around the square are Grade II-listed, and/or lie within the Bloomsbury Conservation Area.

The Friends robustly opposed the adjacent Euston Road development, whose planning application was subsequently rejected. An application is being made to heritage-list the existing Georgian terraces on the site.

Clare Hill

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Clare is a writer and editor who lived in King’s Cross for a decade. She is passionate about local history, transport and food. Contact Clare by commenting on her posts or go to
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7 Responses to Guide published to preserve heritage of Argyle Square

  1. I would suggest a park café on Argyle Square. I think it would add to the Bohemian athmosphere the friends trying to prove. Any takers?
    NB. it is nice to have a long memory of Argyle Square, for in the 80s and even still in the early 90s it was quite another place. So it really has gone a long way since, well done LBC Camden and Friends of Argyle Square!

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  4. George says:

    Is the argyle square area safe?? Just booked a hotel ( angus hotel ) since it it my first time in london i have no idea whether it is safe and tourist friendly…thank u so much!!

    • Clare Hill says:

      It’s no more or less safe than a square near a central station in any large western city. The square is locked at night. In terms of the specific clientele of any of the hotels overlooking the square, they vary, have a look at what people say on TripAdvisor if you haven’t already, that may help. King’s Cross has thousands of tourists pass through every week, so in that sense I would guess it caters to tourists well.

  5. Its wonderful- I’m relieved that its still considered edgy enough to warrant asking whether it’s safe!
    Friends of Argyle Square will give you reassuring and enlightening information:

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