Two-directional cycling: Further one-way streets opened

There have been more one way streets opened up for two directional cycling.  The latest known additions  are at Great Percy Street on Islington’s side of Kings Cross, allowing cyclists to use the full length of Gt. Percy Street, and also in and around Argyle Street and Argyle Square on the Camden side South of Euston Road.  The changes are in line with points raised in Kings Cross Environment’s  collaborative suggestions on the “Danger Map.”   We haven’t received yet an official list of all scheduled changes of this kind, so if you spot a new change, share your discovery here for all to know about.Image

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2 Responses to Two-directional cycling: Further one-way streets opened

  1. N1 Cyclist says:

    And… cyclist promptly manages to end up in middle of wrong side of road. Numpty.

    (Also, does anyone know what the legal status of cycling through that junction is without an “except cyclists” sign on the no-entry/why TfL haven’t put one up?)

    That Percy street one looks a suitable location. I’ve mentioned this before here – but if TfL are going to do it, they need to do it properly – and it’s not been implemented properly around Argyle street. Last time I was down there (a few weeks ago, now) it wasn’t clear exactly which roads were intended to have two way cyclists on, nor was there anything (obvious enough) warning drivers to expect cyclists coming the wrong way – the signs were far too small, and given the roads there, I think painted road markings to give drivers awareness are a necessity (as much as I think TfL generally need to be more conservative with painted cycle facilities). It also reminds cyclists they can’t do that anywhere they like – that these roads are special, rather than the norm.

    As a side note – is Gt. Percy St. one way, or is that just a no entry junction? Because that road looks remarkably two way, apart from that no entry sign (one of the reasons I think TfL can get away with less markings/signage on that section of road).

  2. N1 Cyclist says:

    Also, that car parking spot needs to be moved away from the junction mouth.

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