Love The Cally? Then you’ll love this…

I start the morning with a huge smile. Councillors in Cally ward on the Islington side of KX have announced a road improvement programme for Caledonian Road that includes a new zebra crossing, road build outs, additional parking and canal bridge safety measures. And… return to 2 way traffic south of Wharfdale Road.

This site has long pressed for a return to 2 way working across the whole of the notorious King’s Cross Gyratory system. Cally councillors hope that by introducing the measure in a stretch of the road they control, they can encourage Transport for London (the Mayor’s agency responsible for most of the gyratory) to do the same.

We applaud this bold move by locally elected politicians and hope that TfL can pick up the baton and join them on the heroes platform.

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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2 Responses to Love The Cally? Then you’ll love this…

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  2. Major Bonkers says:

    I dare say, as someone who lives locally, that I should much prefer something done about a certain notorious local landlord – it has all gone very quiet on that front – than displacement activity involving yet more roadworks.

    Between the likes of Thames Water, white van man, and the chicanes at bus stops, I would have thought that it was impossible to get any decent speed up on the Caledonian Road in any case, at least if you are driving in a car.

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