Camden makes Seaford St., Kings Cross dual-way for cyclists

Camden council has opened up Seaford Street WC1X for dual direction cycling.  It is now possible to cycle the Kings Cross North-South axis South of Euston Road on calmer roads omitting Kings Cross Road connecting  Euston Road, Kings Cross / Argyle Square with  Theobalds Road.

The points are Argyle Sq.  – Lukham Street – Cromer St – Harrison St – Seaford Street  – rear of Kingsway College –  Heathcote St. – Mecklenburgh Square –  Doughty Street –  John Street –  Theobalds Road.  The suggestion to open the little road up was mentioned in our Kings Cross Environment mapping survey”Danger Map”  for cycling and pedestrian safety improvements in and around Kings Cross.  Camden has promised to integrate points raised in their action planning, and Seaford Street is one of its integrals.

About Daniel Zylbersztajn

Daniel Zylbersztajn, is since 2012 correspondent to the German independent left of centre daily newspaper taz, die Tageszeitung and Jüdische Allgemeine, and a Pilates Teacher. Born in Germany but also raised in Holland and Israel, he is a long term resident of London Kings Cross (first in 1991), involved parent, local and social activist, and positive lifestyle advocate. He also held posts in research, and conflict work, a.o. for the Palestinian - Israeli peace village Wahat al Salam ~ Neve Shalom. He holds a BA in history and politics from SOAS and two Master degrees, in Urban Sociology (Goldsmiths) and Sports Coaching (Brunel). He is founding and committee member of Coram's Fields User Group, the parent and community voice of Central London's biggest and oldest children playground and was its first spokesperson and chair. Daniel tweets under @zylbersztajn
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2 Responses to Camden makes Seaford St., Kings Cross dual-way for cyclists

  1. tony o'ceallaigh says:

    Rather unsure about two way cycle lanes. There is a bizarre one on Royal College Street where I have narrowly missed being run over many times by cyclists as I step off the 214 bus. On more than one occasion I have been verbally abused for having the temerity to access the footpath.

    • chris saunders says:

      Hey Tony,are you the old friend of shelley saunders. If you are, would love to hear from you again. Drop us a line? We are always dodging bloody cyclists in melbourne too!

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