Transport for London responds to KX road safety concerns by making it worse

Bikes Alive, the recently-formed network of cyclists who are taking non-violent direct action, returns to the lethal road junction outside Kings Cross station at 6.30pm on Monday evening, 20 February … as Transport for London (TfL) starts work to change the junction for the worse. Cyclists and pedestrians will enforce another one-hour go-slow at the junction outside Kings Cross station.

Work to re-align some kerb lines and remove a traffic island will increase the flow of motor vehicles through a key part of the junction, introducing new dangers for cyclists. (For more detailed information on this, see the discussions on these two web pages: fails to meet own standards/
and improvements make things worse

Bikes Alive – which works with other vulnerable, non-motorised road users – is pledged to continue to take action until the balance of power on London’s roads is changed. Current policies of Transport for London (TfL) prioritise the speed and volume of motor traffic over all else.

Councillors from both boroughs which cover Kings Cross (Camden and Islington), as well as local cycling campaigns and community groups, have been calling for safety improvements at Kings Cross for years. The London Assembly has repeatedly called on mayor Boris Johnson – who is in charge of TfL – to act. But all to no avail. 

About Sophie Talbot

Sophie runs a small business designing websites for small businesses and community groups. She also manages King's Cross Community Projects
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