Dayglo a play about pharmacogenetics and genetic testing – free tickets to Y-touring Kings Cross dress rehearsal

Fascinating chance to see a dress rehearsal of some modern theatre tackling the issues around pharmacogenetics and genetic testing.  Neal at Y Touring says:

‘We have spaces available for a dress rehearsal showing of our play Dayglo on Thursday 16 Feb – Dayglo goes on nationwide tour next week. We have about 5-10 seats available. The performance will start at 2 and is at OneKX, Cromer Street. It should last around 1hr 40mins (a 1hr performance and 40mins debate afterwards). To book a space please contact Adele Geddes at Y Touring – For more info please click here. ‘


A young woman is forced to make choices in a world of uncertainty. Stella is desperate to explore what choices are open to her mother Evelyn, who is battling breast cancer – she is eager to fan the flames of hope and have a mother restored to her but the odds are precariously stacked against them.

“When I was a teenager I was running around barefoot, I didn’t have a thought for the future, it was all about the music”
Poly Styrene (Marianne Elliot-Said) of punk band X Ray Spex, who died of breast cancer in April 2011.

‘Dayglo’ by playwright Abi Bown, is a Theatre of Debate resource for schools for Key Stage 4 targeting 14-16 year old students which aims to explore the issues raised by advances in pharmacogenetics and genetic testing. The exciting new science of personalising medical treatments according to our genes.

Each performance will be followed by a live debate, using electronic voting technology, during which students will be encouraged to explore what they think and feel about the issues posed by the play.

‘Dayglo’ has been researched and developed in partnership with The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and the University of Ulster, as a teacher resources are designed to support the achievement of attainment targets outlined in Key Stages 4 in Science, English, Drama, ICT, PSHE and RS.

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